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JCC provides each student enrolled in credit classes with a CannonMail account.  This account is yours throughout your career at JCC and beyond (as long as you would like to keep it.)   We have contracted with Microsoft to host CannonMail. As a result, additional features are available to you such as a personal calendar.

To login in to your email account:

  • Type your email address. (Your email address is the first initial of your first name, your last name and the month and day of your  For example, Jane Doe born May 6, 1986 has an email address of
  • Tab to the password field, and type your password.  (Your initial password is your eight-digit birth date.  For example, if your birthday is June 8, 1986, your PIN would be 06081986.)

    **Your initial password has an expiration date so you should change it as soon as possible**

To forward your CannonMail to another email account:

  1. Log into CannonMail
  2. Click on Options (in the upper right corner), then See All Options
  3. In the “Forward my email to: field, type the address that you would like your emails to be forwarded
  4. Make sure the box next to “Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App” has a check in it (if it doesn’t, click on the box)
  5. Click “Start Forwarding”
  6. Send your CannonMail a test email to make sure it works.

(Personal Online Storage Space)

With your CannonMail account for email, you are provided personal disk space to store your documents and access them from anywhere you can get the Internet. You can also make the documents available to certain groups and to the public. We highly recommend that you use OneDrive to store and/or backup your files. Do not rely solely on one pen drive or your computer hard drive.

OneDrive requires a separate login using the same user ID as your CannonMail account, and the current assigned password for students who were enrolled in spring 2013 and before.

New students enrolled after spring 2013 must create a Microsoft Office 365 account to use OneDrive.

The helpdesk cannot reset OneDrive passwords.