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The Samuel Guthrie science building houses a total of six student laboratories. Each is equipped with a ceiling projector and teacher’s station that accommodates a desktop PC, document camera, microscope with camera, and DVD player. The geology lab contains the college’s rock and mineral collection, as well as an extensive collection of fossils from Jefferson County. This teaching laboratory also includes petrographic microscopes, a rock saw, and stream table.

Two laboratories are located on either side of a central biology stockroom and are used for microbiology, anatomy & physiology, general biology, ecology and human biology. Recent equipment acquisitions include; thermal cycler, benchtop incinerators, various Passport sensors, digital microscope cameras, digital spectrophotometers, and additional laptop computers.


In 2006, the forty-year-old chemistry wing of the Samuel Guthrie science building underwent a $2+ million renovation. The state of the art chemistry facility includes a new chemistry lab, interdisciplinary lab, physics stockroom, chemistry stock room and office space. Technologies used include infrared spectrophotometry, gas chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance.