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What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is:

  • Any sexual act committed or attempted against a person's will
  • Forced sexual contact by dates, spouses, family members, acquaintances or strangers
  • Includes a range of acts, from obscene phone calls to forced sexual intercourse
  • Any sexual contact you don't want

Sexual assault is a crime punishable by imprisonment in New York State and violates College Policy. 

Sexual assault does not happen because of uncontrolled lust or sexual passion. Sexual assault is a crime of aggression and violence.

There is never an excuse or a reason for one person to rape, assault or even touch another person without permission. No one has this "right" no matter how someone else behaves or dresses. No woman causes herself to be raped.

What Is Rape?

Rape is defined as sexual intercourse, sodomy or oral copulation accomplished against a person's will:

  • Through use of force or fear
  • Whether the person is male or female
  • When the person is prevented from resisting by alcohol or drugs administered by or with the knowledge of the offender
  • When the person is unaware of the nature of the act
  • When the person is deemed incapable of consent as defined by local, state, and federal law

If You or a Friend Have Been Sexually Assaulted, Raped or Experienced Dating/Domestic Violence

  • Make sure that you and your friend are SAFE from additional harm.
  • Call someone you trust: a friend, a resident advisor or resident director, a family member, Campus Security, Health/Counseling Services, the Title IX Coordinator or the Dean of Students Office (ext. 6561).  Note:  The Health/Counseling Office can be contacted confidentially.  All other offices have a duty to report to the College's Title IX Coordinator.
  • The NYS Police maintains a dedicated hotline for reporting sexual assaults on college and university campuses at 1-844-845-7269.
  • Try to preserve all physical evidence. If possible do not to wash, go to the bathroom, or change your clothing. If you change your clothing, put all clothing you were wearing at the time of the assault in a paper bag. This will preserve important evidence.
  • Seek medical attention immediately at the Samaritan Medical Center Emergency Room, or any of the area hospital emergency rooms. Campus Security can arrange safe transportation to the hospital, and a Victims Assistance Center advocate will meet you there if requested.
  • Never forget that THIS WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. There are people at Jefferson and in the local community who will believe you and help you heal.