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Lucinda Barbour

That’s Why They Call it Artwork

Lucinda Barbour, Associate Professor of Art, has been cultivating an art presence at Jefferson for the past 20 years. During the last two decades, countless students have entered Lucinda’s class with little to no art experience and by the end of the semester they leave with a strong understanding of the fundamentals. Each semester, Lucinda watches her students develop a sense of confidence that extends far beyond their drawing skills and into their daily lives.

She holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in drawing and painting from Columbus College of Art and Design, completing her junior year of study at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine......

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Mark Streiff

Staying in the Game

United States Olympic Athletic Trainer might not be the first thing that comes to mind when talking with Dr. Mark Streiff, but that’s exactly what he was among many other things in his long illustrious career.  Mark began his love of sports in high school and carried that passion through college. He earned his bachelor’s degree in physical education and sports medicine at SUNY Brockport and went on to graduate from Indiana State University earning his master’s degree in physical education and sports medicine. While there, Mark was certified as an athletic trainer through the National Athletic Trainers Association.

While studying for his graduate......

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Patty Jaacks

The Biology of Patty Jaacks

Becoming a biology instructor wasn’t Patty Jaacks dream in high school; she wanted to be a gym teacher.  “I applied to Cortland for gym and was accepted and was also accepted into SUNY Plattsburg for medical technology. I was having a hard time choosing and luckily my father helped direct me to what suited me best, and ultimately what became my calling.”  Patty graduated from SUNY Plattsburg with her bachelor’s degree in medical technology.  She began working at Samaritan Medical Center as a generalist and quickly moved to the microbiology lab where she worked for 17 years.

In 1989 she graduated from SUNY Potsdam with her master......

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Sheree Trainham

“It’s about helping students grow at Jefferson, and with that growth, our community grows as well.”

Sheree Trainham isn’t your typical Jefferson Community College alum, she didn’t begin her college education right after high school; she began at age 29.  Sheree and her husband ran an insurance agency after graduating from high school and it wasn’t until years later that she realized how important it was for her to continue her education.  Choosing Jefferson was an easy choice for both Sheree and her husband because it was in their back yard.  As a student, Sheree soon realized her passion for English and mentoring.  “I had so many faculty and staff......

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