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Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Policies

If a comprehensive final exam is scheduled during the final exam week for a course, an instructor may give an hour exam during the last (14th) week of classes.  If there are no reading days available in a given semester, such an hour exam may not be given on the last regularly scheduled class meeting.  [Please note there is one reading day incorporated into the fall 2018 semester (Tuesday, December 11) and one reading day incorporated into the spring 2019 semester (Thursday, May 9).]  If a comprehensive exam is not scheduled in your course, then the 14th week of instruction should be free of any evaluation such as an hour exam.

End-of-semester competency-based examinations or skill-testing in areas such as reading, word processing, or composition, where study in the traditional sense is not required, is permissible during the last week of classes as well as laboratory exams, physical education exams, and short quizzes.

Take-home exams should be given due dates during the final exam week.