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Newspapers and Magazines


  • LexisNexis Academic Universe 
    Provides full-text articles from major newspapers around the world.
  • Infotrac Newsstand (provided by the New York State Library) 
    Provides full-text articles from U.S. and international newspapers.
  • Newspaper Source Plus 
    Provides full-text articles from over 1500 newspapers. Also includes transcripts from many television and radio news programs.
  • New York State Newspapers (provided by the New York State Library) 
    Provides full-text articles from major New York State newspapers, including the New York Times and Syracuse newspapers.
  • Wall Street Journal 
    Follow this link to create a personal Wall Street Journal account.
  • Wall Street Journal Archive (PROQUEST edition)
    Full-text articles from the Eastern Edition of the Wall Street Journal.
  • Watertown Daily Times (provided by NNYLN) 
    Full-text content from February 22, 1988 on.
    Provides free access to the New York Times online. See our help page for account creation and access information.
  • New York Times Archive 
    Provides complete contents of the New York Times, beginning with the newspaper's first issue in 1851! For the last 3 years, see New York State Newspapers or LexisNexis.
  • NYS Historic Newspapers
    Provides articles from historical newspapers, some dating back as far as the early 1800s, including a great deal of content from local newspapers.
  • JCC Student Newspaper Collection
    Free online access to our JCC student newspaper collection. Titles found in the collection include: Jefferson Community News, The Cannoneer, The Word, Jefferson Chronicle and The Cannon. Easily browse the issues here. The digitization of this collection was made possible by a grant from the Northern New York Library Network.
  • Access Military, Government & Defense
    Provides 84 titles covering the U.S. Armed Forces and the federal government, as well as military and defense news, issues, strategies, careers and lifestyles, pay and benefits, training, law, equipment, technology, and more.


  • America’s News Magazines 
    Provides full-text articles from popular news magazines such as Newsweek, Popular Science and Slate.
  • Flipster
    Access the full cover-to-cover online version of over 25 popular magazines! Includes Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Men’s Health and more. Click "View All" in the current issues area to scroll through the titles we offer. You can download a free app from the App Store for your mobile device to read Flipster titles on your phone or tablet.
  • National Geographic Magazine
    Full cover to cover access beginning with the first issue in 1888.