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Exam Proctoring Guidelines and Procedures: Non-JCC Students

Jefferson Community College Library currently provides free exam proctoring as a courtesy for area students who are taking online or distance education courses from other educational institutions only. The following guidelines outline the responsibilities of the student and the library staff as well as the procedures used in proctoring exams.

Exam proctoring is by appointment only and exams are given only during one of the regularly scheduled proctoring sessions. Due to limited space, we cannot administer exams to more than 1 student per exam session.

Exam sessions during the fall and spring semesters are on Monday afternoons from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday mornings from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. We cannot accommodate lengthy exams that run over these time frames (3 hours).

There are three library staff members who may proctor these exams. Their names, job titles, and contact information are found at the end of this document. Proctor approval must be granted for all three staff members.


  • JCC Library staff must receive authorization to proctor exams directly from the student’s instructor/school (by email, USPS mail, or telephone) before any exams will be given. No exam will be given without prior approval.
  • The library staff cannot provide constant supervision throughout exams, nor can a completely noise-free environment in which to take exams be guaranteed. Students are seated alone in a small room in a position where proctors can view their computer screens/exam papers through a window in the door as they go about their normal duties.
  • JCC does not charge any fees for proctoring. Transactions for fees charged by the student's school must be  completed by the student and instructor/school before the exam. JCC Library staff cannot handle checks, cash or credit/debit card transactions.
  • JCC Library staff cannot accommodate last minute exam requests. Appointments must be made in advance to ensure that an exam room is available and that all necessary exam information is received before the appointment.
  • JCC Library staff does not have the ability to download special software on college-owned computers for exams, (ex. Respondus Lockdown Browser). Regular web-based exams (ex. Blackboard) and paper/pencil exams are the only types of exams that we are able to accommodate.
  • Students may not use their own devices to take exams as we cannot give them network access.
  • All students are required to show a government or school issued picture I.D. upon arrival for their exam (some acceptable forms of I.D. include driver’s license, military I.D., sheriff’s department I.D. card) Identification cards without a picture on them are not acceptable forms of I.D.  No exam will be given without proper identification.
  • Students should arrive about 5 minutes early to have their I.D.s checked and get logged into their school website if the exam is web-based.
  • Students will not be allowed to keep books, backpacks, purses, cell phones, and other personal items with them during the exam unless the student’s instructor/school specifies that such items are allowed or needed. These items must be left in an area specified by the exam proctor.
  • Any behavior observed that constitutes cheating or is deemed suspicious will be immediately reported to the student’s instructor/school before the student finishes the exam. This includes use of unauthorized electronic devices, books, papers, notes on arms, hands or clothing, and being on websites other than the exam site.
  • Students will be issued a set amount of blank “scratch paper” for the exam if needed. All scratch paper will be collected and counted at the end of the exam. Students may not keep any scratch paper or take any out of the exam room. Any missing scratch paper will be reported to their instructor/school.
  • The student is responsible for contacting the proctor if they are going to be late.
  • Because exam room availability is limited to the regularly scheduled 3 hour time blocks on Mondays and Fridays, students who arrive for their exam appointments late may not be able to have the entire time allotted for their exam. For example, if a student arrives 2 hours late for their 3 hour exam, they will only get the remaining hour to take their exam.
  • Exams taken on paper can be scanned and emailed, or mailed (via US Postal Service unless other arrangements are made) back to the student’s school. The student is responsible for all postage and envelopes needed to mail paper exams and these must be provided when they arrive to take the exam. JCC will not provide postage or envelopes and exams will not be mailed without them.
  • The library staff is responsible for mailing the completed paper exam if required. For the Monday afternoon session, the exam will go in the out-going mail on the next business day.  If the exam is taken during the Friday morning session, then the exam will go out in the mail on the next business day the college is open.
  • The library is not responsible or liable for any computer or internet connectivity problems that may occur during web-based exams. The exam proctor will contact the student’s instructor/school as soon as possible if any issues arise with our computers or internet connection, or if there are any interruptions that are out of the student’s or proctor’s control (ex. fire drills, power outages, etc.)


Proctor Contact Information:

Renee Elliott
Library Automation Coordinator/Technical Services
Phone: 315-786-6599

Cyndie Sloan
Media Center Clerk
Phone: 315-786-6575

Rose Hare
Library Automation Coordinator/Interlibrary Loan
Phone: 315-786-2406

Library Mailing Address
(Proctor name)
Jefferson Community College Library
1220 Coffeen Street
Watertown, NY  13601