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Business Administration A.A.S.

The Program (HEGIS Code 5004)

The Business Administration A.A.S. covers all the basics of business, offering students opportunities to learn specialized skills. Students may specialize in finance and accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing, law, and general management.

The curriculum is focused on real-world applications and skills. Graduates are prepared to enter and succeed in business on the day they graduate.

Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from the Business Administration program with an A.A.S. degree will: 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of, and be able to effectively utilize, the technology essential for business applications.    
  • Demonstrate the ability to locate, evaluate, analyze and apply information to make effective business decisions.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the four functions of management.
  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to effectively pursue employment opportunities.                        

Career Opportunities

From entrepreneurial start-ups to working in a large corporate office, an associate degree in business can be applied to any industry. As part of the Business Administration (A.A.S.) degree program at Jefferson, you’ll study the scope and role of business in our economic system and gain an understanding of the internal organization of business, entrepreneurship, accounting, and the principles of marketing, management, and relevant areas of business law.

Entrepreneurs have enormous potential for personal and financial success, but starting a new business requires substantial commitment and hard work. Working for an existing business allows a manager to specialize in some area of business. These could include areas like finance and money management, marketing or customer service, or general management—supervising other employees and being a leader.

Work in business, while demanding, can offer excellent financial rewards and a chance to work with advanced technologies and interesting people. The most significant trends facing today’s business graduate are the globalizing of business, the explosive growth of internet business, and the volatile shifts of the economy and the stock and bond markets.

Transfer Opportunities

Although the program is designed to prepare graduates to enter the workforce after completing the Associate degree, many of our graduates choose to pursue a baccalaureate degree. Jefferson has partnered with some select academic institutions and developed agreements that help students transfer smoothly to specific baccalaureate programs.  Currently, formal agreements exist with: 

Franklin University, Business Administration, B.S.
Franklin University, Management, B.S.
SUNY Canton, Finance, B.B.A.
SUNY Canton, Management, B.B.A.
SUNY Empire State College
Degree Requirements (Effective Fall 2014) Credit Hours
Core Requirements (41 Credit Hours)
ACC 101: Accounting Principles 1 4
ACC 102: Accounting Principles 2 4
BUS 112: Introduction to Business 3
BUS 116: Applied Business Mathematics or Appropriate Mathematics Course 3
BUS 124: Marketing 3
BUS 127: Management Communications or BUS 275: Business Internship 3
BUS 131: Principles of Management 3
BUS 150: Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
BUS 211: Business Law 1 3
CIS 110: Introduction to Computing with Microcomputers 3
Economics Elective 3
ENG 101: Research and Composition 3
STA 151: Public Speaking 3
Electives (21 Credit Hours)  
Business Electives 9
Liberal Arts Electives 6
Science Elective 3
Science or Mathematics Elective 3
Total 62

Advising Notes:
In choosing 9 credit hour business electives, students should select courses in consultation with their advisors to provide a depth of study in an academic area related to their career goals. The courses should be selected from the following areas: ACC, BUS, CUL, ECO, HOS, HRM, OFC.

Students who plan to transfer to a SUNY school should use the economics, mathematics and science or mathematics electives to fulfill the Social Science, Mathematics, and Natural Science General Education requirements. They should use the liberal arts elective to fulfill one of the following General Education requirements; American History, Western Civilization, Other World Civilizations, Arts or Foreign Language.

It is recommended that students consult with their assigned advisor when selecting SUNY General Education courses, since some 4-year institutions are specific about their required Gen. Ed. Courses.


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Cheryl Ditch, Associate Professor of Business

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