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Winery Management & Marketing Certificate

The Program (HEGIS Code 5011)

The Winery Management and Marketing Certificate is comprised of 26-28 credits including courses specific to winery operations:  Wine Appreciation and Selection, Viticulture, and Enology.  Electives in business, accounting, culinary, hospitality and hotel restaurant management, plus six credits of free electives allow students the flexibility to tailor coursework to fit their desired career path within the winery industry.  Graduates will be prepared for immediate employment in the wine making and marketing industry in Northern New York.  Students choosing to continue their education can apply the courses earned in the Certificate to meet the requirements of an associate of applied science (A.A.S.) degree in Hospitality and Tourism.

Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from the Winery Management and Marketing program with a certificate will:

  • Understand how to develop an effective business model for a winery operation.
  • Understand and apply the basic, legal, financial, human resource, ethics, and other management issues critical for successful winery operation.
  • Understand the characteristics of successful grape varieties, site selection and layout for a vineyard in Northern New York.

Career Opportunities

The Winery Management and Marketing Certificate prepares students for careers in the wine production industry which is growing both in the North Country region and statewide.  The program was developed in response to workforce training needs expressed by the NNY Grape Growers Association and the Small Business Development Center.

Currently, seven wineries operate in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties and that number is expected to double in the next five years.

Winery owners report that the overwhelming number of jobs at any winery is in sales and marketing. Additionally, the NYS Fine Winery Bill signed into law in July 2011 allows farm wineries to open up to five off-site retail locations in New York State. With an average of six employees engaged in wine tasting, wholesale and retail activities per location, it is expected that up to 100 jobs could open in winery management in the next decade.


Certificate Requirements (Effective Fall 2018) Credit Hours
Winery Management and Marketing Requirements ( 11 credit hours)1  
HOS/WIN 155: Enology 3
HRM 152: Wine Appreciation and Selection    3
HOS/WIN 154: Viticulture     2
AGB Elective3 or WIN Elective 3
Core Requirements (9-11 credit hours)2  
HOS, HRM, CUL*, BUS, or ACC electives 6-8
AGB3, HOS, HRM, CUL* elective 3
Free Electives (6 credit hours) 6
TOTAL 26-28


1  Some HOS, HRM or CUL electives are only 2 credits-make sure you have fulfilled a minimum of 11 credits from this section

2  Some HOS, HRM, CUL, BUS, or ACC electives are 2-4 credits-make sure you have fulfilled a minimum of 9-11 credits from this section

3  Recommended AGB Electives Credits
AGB/WIN 100 Northern New York Agriculture 3
AGB 111 Survey of Agribusiness Technologies 1
AGB 109 Survey of Horticulture Industry Applications 2
AGB 207-Marketing and Sales of Agricultural Products 3
AGB 231 Agriculture Law and Regulations 1

*Some CUL courses carry fewer than 3 credits and do not fill this requirement.


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