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What is a matriculated student?
A matriculated student is one who has formally applied and has been accepted into a degree or certificate program. ONLY matriculated students may be eligible to receive financial aid and be awarded a certificate or degree.   Matriculated students may be full time or part time.

What is the difference between full-time and part-time study?
Full-time or part-time study is determined by the number of credits a student takes each semester. Full-time students are enrolled in 12 credits or more; part-time students are enrolled in fewer than 12 credits. For each credit, a student will spend approximately an hour per week in the classroom.

What is the difference between an A.S. and an A.A.S degree?
A.S. degrees are designed to prepare a student for transfer into a baccalaureate degree program. An A.A.S. degree prepares students for employment directly after graduation with their associate degree.

What if I am uncertain regarding my program choice?
If you are uncertain, JCC offers an exploratory program for the undecided student. An Admissions Counselor can assist you by reviewing programs and options.   Additionally, career counseling services are available in our Career Counseling . 

When should I apply?
It is recommended to apply early because students who apply early will have the best opportunity to select the courses and times they want. Registration for incoming fall freshman begins in late May.  Registration for spring begins in November.

When I apply for admissions, how soon will I hear from Jefferson Community College?
We have a rolling admissions program. That means we respond to each application when it is received. Once an application is complete, a student is typically notified of their admission within a few days!

Do I need to take assessment/placement testing?
A determination is made once the Admissions Office receives official high school and college transcripts. The goal of assessment testing is to give each student the best start! Study guides are available through Testing Services.

What is advisement and registration?
Once accepted to a particular program, students can register at the Advising & Transfer Center. The advisor and student discuss the student’s academic and career plans and then formally register for classes. Registration involves the actual selection of classes for the upcoming semester.

I've been out of school for 15 years; do I need my high school transcripts?
Yes, the Admissions process requires verification of high school graduation. College degree holders need only supply official college transcripts. If providing this documentation is a problem, call Admissions to discuss a solution.

I did not graduate from high school; can I still apply for admission?
Yes, non high school graduates have particular admissions requirements that you must meet, please contact Admissions to talk to a counselor.

I want to obtain a bachelor's degree. Will my Jefferson Community College credits transfer to a college or university offering a bachelor's degree?
The academic credits you earn at Jefferson will transfer to colleges or universities in the United States. Also, we have agreements with SUNY Colleges and many private colleges. Transfer agreements mean that you are provided the best advisement and opportunities for successful transfer.

Can I transfer my courses anywhere?
Yes, with few exceptions. Most colleges won't accept D's or remedial courses. JCC successfully transfers coursework throughout the state, country & world!

How do I turn my military training into college credits?
Military training will be evaluated for college credit as soon as an official military transcript is received and admission to a program is approved.   For more information on how to obtain a military transcript, please call 786-6566.

Are there campus tours?
Yes! Tours are available upon request. JCC also offers an opportunity for students to shadow classes for the day! For information, call the Enrollment Services Center to speak to a Student Ambassador!

Can I live on campus? Does Jefferson have residence halls?
Brand new on-campus student housing opened in the Fall 2014 semester for full-time students. The 298-bed residence hall will feature four suite styles designed to accommodate 6, 5, and 4 students. Sign up for our monthly housing update email!

Is health insurance available through JCC?
Accidental insurance is billed for many of our students, may be purchased at low cost by all others, and provides limited coverage for treatment of accidental injuries.  Health insurance for coverage of illness is optional, but highly recommended for all students. Visit the Student Insurance page for more information.

Does my International Health Insurance cover me here in the U.S.?
International Health Insurance plans, including Canadian insurance, are not likely to cover most health costs here in the U.S.  A supplemental health insurance plan is highly recommended for coverage here in the U.S.  Please check with your insurance plan for coverage, or visit the Student Insurance page for more information.