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Information for High School Seniors

You will typically begin your college preparation as early as the 8th grade. Early planning will allow you to work closely with your school counselor in order to select courses that will build your academic preparation for success in college. A strong academic foundation in english, math and the sciences will position you for admission to college and your desired degree program. Deciding which college will meet your individual needs will take time so starting early and narrowing your choices down by your junior year is very helpful.

We suggest that while you are in high school, you:

  • Discuss with your parents and family, your interest in pursuing a college education
  • Meet with your school counselor to discuss college plans
  • Attend college information sessions, college fairs, and visit college websites
  • Visit college campuses whenever convenient
  • Attend financial aid information sessions when scheduled at your school (or local college)
  • Explore EDGE offerings at your school. EDGE courses are college courses available to qualified students taught right in your home school.  These courses will give you a head start on college!

The application process will begin early in your senior year. At Jefferson Community College we recommend that you apply by December 1. Jefferson reviews applications on a rolling basis (all year through) so late applications are welcome but can affect the availability of programs and specific coursework. So apply early to get the program and courses you want!

Your academic high school transcript is a reflection of your preparation, motivation, and good planning. Take pride in the work you do in high school!  The transcript will be carefully reviewed by college admissions officers.