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We embrace our leadership role on campus, striving to be model students every day, and setting a standard of success and behavior for others to follow. Our ultimate goal is to ease the transition into the college learning environment for both current and incoming standards.

Program Overview

We assist current students, prospective students, and community members who visit our campus. Student ambassadors will answer questions or direct you to appropriate destinations on campus and in the community.


The Ambassadors are located in the new Enrollment Services Center on the ground floor of the Jules Building. Office and student ambassador hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. When you arrive on campus, follow the signs to Visitor Parking and enter the Jules Center. The Enrollment Services Center is located straight ahead.

Ambassador Testimonials

Charlotte CostantinoCharlotte Costantino

Charlotte Costantino '17

Working as a Student Ambassador at JCC has been a blessing in so many ways. It has helped me improve upon my professional, personal and social skills. Before I entered the program I struggled with my self-confidence in social settings. Just the thought of speaking in front of people, or meeting people for the first time used to make want to run in the opposite direction. Being an ambassador gives you the opportunity to work in a professional setting while still being a typical college student. You are able to work hands on with students, speak at events on campus, recruit at local high schools, and give tours of the campus. Thanks to this program, I am not only confident with my social and professional skills, but I am confident in myself.

Eric GibbsEric Gibbs

Eric Gibbs '17

I've enjoyed being a student ambassador over the last year and a half very much. To me this experience has been much more than a job. It has supplied me with a greater knowledge of the admissions, financial aid, and advising processes of higher education. This job has given me the opportunity to work at events on campus such as Open House, Higher Education Day, and Leadership Day. Being able to go on alma mater visits has allowed me to go back to my former high school and inform current students about why Jefferson Community College should be where they continue their education. Being a student ambassador has made my time here very enjoyable. The program has given me new friends and experiences that I will keep with me for many years to come.

Kristin VanBrocklinKristin VanBrocklin

Kristin VanBrocklin '16 & '17

The ambassador program has helped increase my level of confidence. I was always nervous talking in front of crowds and was rather shy, but while working in this program I was able to practice and gain confidence by give tours and speaking at Open House in front of a hundred potential students and their families. I have also worked in the Advising Center. Between working in these two offices, I have decided that I want to have a career in Higher Education. I would never have come to that realization if it wasn’t for having the opportunities ambassador program afforded me. I have made many friends through this program, both with my coworkers and frequent visitors. I love interacting with the current students at Jefferson and promoting JCC to potential students as well. I have also enjoyed having the experience of having inspiring supervisors, and they are extremely helpful and great references for other things I pursue. This program has benefited me in so many ways, both professionally and personally, and that’s why I thoroughly enjoy and love this program.

Casey HughesCasey Hughes

Casey Hughes '16

I have been a part of this program since July 2015. Because of this leadership position, I have learned so many new skills about college, myself, and Jefferson. Prior to starting college, I was able to work as a Student Ambassador over the summer of 2015. I was able to become familiar with the entire campus by giving tours, learning about the admissions process through helping students apply to JCC, learn about the financial aid and advising processes through helping students apply for the FAFSA and for classes. Not only was I able to help students, but I was able to help myself. This job helped me feel comfortable for the first day of college, helped me stay updated on deadlines and specific important dates, and helped me meet new people. It has opened SO many new opportunities for me including learning about more leadership positions, and learning how to be a goal-seeking, driven college student. I have been able to work at College Open Houses, Higher Education Night's, Leadership Day's, volunteer activities, and many other college events. I absolutely love working for my bosses as they have always helped me and given me advice on every aspect of life. I cannot thank them for all they have done for me. If it weren't for the Student Ambassador Program, I would not be the driven college student that I am today.

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Office of Admissions
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Tel: 315-786-2277 or toll-free 888-435-6522 (ask for Admissions)
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