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Donor Recognition

Jefferson Community College values and appreciates the continued financial support we receive from our friends and community.  We rely on your contributions to continue funding student scholarships and other campus initiatives that allow Jefferson to provide an affordable, high quality education.  Recognizing your support through donor categories is one way that we show our gratitude.

Jefferson’s Society ($2,500 and above)

BCA Architects and Engineers
Stephen '80 and Pamela Can
Mari Cecil
John and Mary Jo '81 Deans
The Delaney Bay Fund, Inc.
Rebecca '87 and Gregory Fichtl
Jefferson Rehabilitation Center
Marcia '65 and Charles Lawrence
James Leven
Liberty Mutual Group, Inc.
MACH Architecture, P.C.
McGrann Paper Corporation
Mercy of NNY Auxiliary
New York Air Brake Corporation
Northern Credit Union
Northern Glass Company, Inc.
Northern New York Community Foundation Inc.
John and Betsy Penrose
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Watertown
John Wagenaar
Watertown Rotary Club, Inc.
Watertown Savings Bank

President’s Circle ($1,000-$2,499)

Anne Porter
Benefit Services Group, Inc
Black Horse Group, LLC
CAR-FRESHNER Corporation
Carole and Donald McCoy
Carthage Federal Savings and Loan Association
Charles and Lisa L'Huillier Ruggiero
Conboy, McKay, Bachman & Kendall, LLP
Cyril and Marlene Hajal Mouaikel
David and Hildred Allard
David and Nancy Moore
David Fontana '88
Estate of David Allen Corp**
Genny '94 and Eric '93 Pond
Haylor, Freyer, and Coon, Inc.
James and Sally Buyea
James Oliver
Jan Oliver
Jefferson County American Legion
Jerilyn and James Fairman
Joseph '81 and Beth '81 Thesier
Michael and JoAnne Crowley
Nathan '01 and Erin Hunter
North Country Orthopaedic Group
Pamela Beyor-Murtha and John Murtha
RBC Wealth Management
S&L Specialty Contracting, Inc.
Student Association of Jefferson Community College
Suzanne '82 and David Lipman
Terrence and Maria Roche
Theresa and Douglas Quintin
Thomas and Teresa Finch
Watertown Police Benevolent Association

Dean’s Circle ($500-$999)

Allen Walker
Association of The United States Army
Bowers & Company CPA's PLLC
Daniel and Krista Dupee
Dawn Robinson '97
Faculty Student Association of JCC
James and Joanne '82 McClusky
Jefferson Community College Women's Organization
Jefferson Leadership Institute, Class of 2016
Juliana Eames '76
Karen and Terry Freeman
Katherine and Cataldo Morgia
LaFave Family
Marie Hess '74
Mark and Lori Storch
Mart and Mai Liinve
Mary and James Corriveau
Mary and Jeff '08 Perrine
Mary McVean '79
McClusky Law Firm, LLC
Mercy Hospital Alumnae Association
Michelle and Eugene '70 Pfaff
Mildred Waidelich
National Association of the 10th Mountain Division, Inc.
New York Propane Gas Association
Pamela Kaus
Patricia Jaacks
Rebecca Small-Kellogg and Steven Kellogg
Robert and Jean Sturtz
Robert and Nancy Maur
Ruth Seaman '68
Sally and Harold L'Huillier
Scott Barton
Slack Chemical Company, Inc
Steven and Carla Haas
Timothy Grosse
Victory Promotions, Inc.
Walter and Michelle Hammond

Founders ($250-$499)

Allen and Martha Smith
Alva and Vance Jahnes-Smith
Ann Clark and Jeffrey Moore '83
Beth and Randy Fipps
Carolyn Gaffney
Christina '86 and Noel Schneider
Christine Grimes Topping and Brian Topping
Christy Morrison '76
Community Bank, NA.
Constance and Mark Holberg
Crowley and Halloran CPAs PC
Cynthia Ferdinandsen '75
Dean Dyer
Deborah '75 and Michael Champlin
Diana and Donald Woodhouse
Dianne Davis
Donald Horton
Eric Constance
Fredrick and Judith Gentner
Gary Sproul
Heather O'Brien '93
Italian American Civic Association Ladies Auxiliary
James Ambrose
James Kennedy
Jeffrey '09 and Ariel Snyder
John and Lorraine Henderson
John Tucker
Joseph and Deborah LaClair
Joseph Schofield '81
JRW Auto Rentals, Inc
Katherine and Brian Fenlon
Kathleen '66 and Phillip Compeau
Kathleen Lorenz
Kerry '92 and Daniel Young
Key Bank National Association Trust Division
Lisa and Toby Familo
Lisa Scrivani-Tidd and Roderick Tidd
Matthew Lambert
Megan and John Stadler
Michael '85 and Margaret Alteri
Michelle Capone '95
Nancy Del Borgo
Raymond and Laurinda '91 Petersen
Richard '69 and Cindy '89 Parker
Rosanne Weir and William Nelson
Rose Frattali
Rosemarie '78 and Peter '70 Hare
Rosemary Deusser-Jensen
Sheree '92 and Patrick '90 Trainham
Steven '79 and Regina Gaffney
Stuart Schmitt
Suzanne Ryan
T. Urling and Mabel Walker
Terry and Rebecca Heagle
The Morgia Group at Hightower Advisors
Thomas and Irene Carman
Thomas Moran
Tina Kimmis '96
Todd and Beth Vincent
Waite Motor Sales, Inc
Warren Fargo '01

Benefactors ($150-$249)

Adam and Jodi Deans
Barbara Gaskin
Barbara Webber
Bruce Alexander
Camie and James Baker
Carl and Wesley McLaughlin
Daniel and Jeannine Dupee
David and Karen Clark
Deborah Steinberg
Deborha O'Connor
Edward '83 and Sandy Dupee
IBM Corporation
James and Karen Scordo
Jeanne '90 and Laverne VanDeWall
Jessica Jones '05
Joanne '71 Conlon and Joseph Cicala
John Thomas
Jon Vincitore
Julie Soule
Leo Archer
Linda '98 and Donald Bonham
Maines Paper & Food Service
MJB Weebee
Peter Pike
Rachel Lewis
Richard '68 and Janet '75 Young
Richard '68 and Sharon Howland
Richard and Patti Stephens
Robert Fox
Sarah and Dennis Baldwin
Sarah and Jeffery Gilbert Deans
Stephen '69 and Karen Williamson
Sunshine Committee Carthage Central Schools
Toni O'Neill Wills '90 and Todd Wills
Vicki Farney

Cannoneers ($50-$149)

A.E. Joseph '83 and Lisa Shepley
Alan Gould
Allison and Robert Hill
Anna Denny
Arthur and Heather Sboro
Betty Andrews
Beverly '91 and Bernard Brown
Beverly Shepard
Brenda Scordo
Brian '98 and Sarah Peck
Carol and Raymond Feasel
Carol and William Doe
Carolyn and James '72 Fitzpatrick
Carter Strickland
Catherine Burns Quencer and William '76 Quencer
Chad Deans
Charlene '02 and Merlin Moser
Children's Home of Jefferson County
Christina Ebey
Christine and Brian '92 Cisco
Christopher '85 and Jody '85 Lalone
Cindy '79 and James Intschert
Clint '06 and Molly Reilly
Constance and Lawrence Barone
Dale '81 and Marianne Scott
David '78 and Marcia Goings
David and Mary Reid
David Shampine '68
Deanna Lothrop
Deborah Elliott
Deidre Bonarrigo
Delinda '72 and Neil Fuller
Donald and Collene Alexander
Donald Johnson
Donna '66 and Scott Sullivan
Donna Stevenson
Doris and Scott McLallen
Dorothy Campbell
Edward and Stephanie Fenlon
Eileen '89 and Robert '89 Carroll
Ellen and William Walker
Evelyn '68 and Michael Kormanik
First Presbyterian Church of Watertown
Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization
Francis Balajadia '86
Gabrielle Thompson '96
George '90 and Julie Intschert
Gerald Zoanetti '98
Gerda Barbour
Gilbert Pearsall
Gwendolyn Francis-Frey
Harry and Margaret Bracken
Heather and Doug Johnson
Hope Blassingame
Inger Curth
Irene '89 and Christopher Wilder
Jack '87 and Karen '92 Donato
Jan and Mary '93 Maas
Jane Gendron '73
Janelle and Steve Ferris
Janet '77 and Norman Hunneyman
Janice Charles
Jean and Dwight Campbell
Jeanne '16 and Gregory Gardner
Jeffrey Widrick '77
Jeremiah '03 and Karen Maxon
Jill '04 and Gary Parker
Jill and Steven Butler
Jim and Christina Hunt
Joel '81 and Laurie LaLone
John and Susan Johnson
John Byrne
John Trimble
Jon and Karen Constance
Joseph '03 and Marilyn McLaughlin
Joshua Dickinson
Judith '76 and Patrick Pearson
Judy Traynor
Justin '86 and Debra Taylor
Karen '00 and David Carr
Kari Bartlett
Karin and John Ripka
Katherine Birth '10
Katherine Griffin
Kathleen '91 and Alan Beattie
Kathryn and Dan Brownell
Kathy and David Flanders
Katrina '85 and Patrick '66 Wilder
Keith and Jane Yandoh
Kimberly Honeywell '91
KPH Healthcare Services, Inc.
Kyle Stevenson '03
Lance Town '83
Laurie La Mora
Lawrence Thomas '85 and Sharon Rose
Leesa Harvey-Dowdle '90 and William Dowdle
Leslie DiStefano
Linda and Dale Camp
Linda Dittrich
Lindsay and Tanner Pitkin
Lockheed Martin Corporation Foundation
Lucille and Jerry '66 Flanders
Marcia Gaffney
Marilyn and Ray LaLone
Mark '86 and Janice Kellerhals
Mark and Patricia Pacilio
Mark Irwin
Mark Streiff
Marlene Johnson
Martin and Mary Cleary
Mary '76 and Joseph '83 Margrey
Mary and Thomas Hanley
Maureen '82 and Thomas Johnson
Melinda and John Moore
Michael and Karen Burns
Michael and Nancy '90 White
Michael Joyce
Michael Vincitore
Michael Wicks
Michele '91 and Timothy Jeican
Michele and Richard Gefell
Miracle and Scott Yon-Brown
Monica and Rich LeClerc
Nancy Storino
Nathan and Kathryn Holloway
Noel '73 and Marie Kemm
Pamela '00 and Jeffery Dixon
Pamela Smith
Patricia Barbalich
Patricia Phillips
Patrick Currier
Paula Vincitore
Peggy Coe
Penski, Inc.
Peter Walton
Philip James '14
Rabecca '15 and Aaron Venturelli
Richard '04 and Nicole Hulbert
Richard '99 and Sonia '98 Merryman
Richard and Kathryn Poulsen
Richard Halpin
Richard McKenna '68
Robbins Corn & Bulk Service
Robert '77 and Janna Cooke
Robert Bookser '74
Ronald Shidemantle
Ronald Treleven
Rose '94 and Harold Campany
Roxanne and Philip Pratt
Sally and Urban Hirschey
Sharon and Ross Ney
Sharon Lasker
Shawna '04 and Travis Spencer
Shayne Edmonds '83
Shirley '66 and Ronald Sloan
Shirley Strader '92
Stacy Pratt
Sue and Craig Gamet
Suzanne '67 and Thomas Brown
Suzanne and Larry Tingley
Sylvia and Walker '95 Heap
Teri Strader '90
Theodore '87 and Andrea Kolb
Thomas Peck
Thomas Tinney
Todd Parody
United Way of Northern New York, Inc.
Watertown Evening Rotary
Wendy '79 and Thomas Sweet
Whitney Cockrill '12
Whitney Snyder
William '69 and Sharon McKinley
William Grover

Friends (to $49)

Alicia Dewey '04
Andrea and Bill Pedrick
Anne '72 and Carl Griffith
Barbara '91 and Albert Romano
Barbara Kane '87
Bonnie '68 and Jason Simmons
Brenda and Gary Terry
Brian Spink '78
Cailey Burrows '16
Caryl Bushnell
Charles '70 and Deborah Tyminski
Charles '83 and Anja Donoghue
Cheryl '66 and Richard Glidden
Cheryl '80 and Lance Evans
Cheryl Ditch
Christina Thomas '72
Christine '71 and Delbert Leween
Church St. 50 Club
City of Watertown
Clarence and Betty Giles
Claudia '79 and Dennis '75 Quinn
Clifford Carr
Courtney '88 and Brian Bauer
Curtis Cook '81
Cynthia '83 and Larry Annas
Cynthia Lonsbary
David Deans
David Schofield
Debra '79 and John Burton
Donald Di Monda
Donna and Dominic Doldo
Donna Reese '67
Douglas Brodie
Edison Mack '72
Edwin Thompson
Edythe Roggie '07
Elizabeth and Keith Perry
Elizabeth Durant
Emmanuel Liscum '87
Everett Mayhew '80
Frank '85 and Cynthia Laverghetta
Jan Mosher
Janet and Phillip White
Jean Bilow
Jill '88 and Karl Bach
Joan and Frank Lenhardt
Joanna Chrzanowski
Joanna Loomis
Joel McCune
John '70 and Phyllis LaClair
Joseph '73 and Bobbi Brabant
Joseph Butler
Joseph Butler, Sr.
Joshua Waggoner '12
Julie Ingalls '78
Kelly '04 and Anthony Adsit
Kenneth Baker
Kevin '72 and Bonnie Larkin
Krystle Flath
Larry Fleming '70
Linda '86 and Alfred Dening
Lisa '91 and Michael McCarty
Logan Eddy
Lou Ann Stevens '86
Lynn Sprott
Marcia '99 and Gary Ashline
Marianne '67 and Joseph Malatino
Marilyn '71 and Gary Hunter
Marsha '66 and Robert Spiridigliozzi
Mary '93 and Anthony Izzo
Mary and William Dasno
Mary Bastian
Mary Lou Bertrand and Joseph Geglia '02
Maryann Pierce
Maureen '67 and Richard Bartlett
Maureen and Donald '92 Cean
Melodie Long
Michael '69 and Mary Farrell
Michael Avery
Michael Brumback
Michele '86 and Robert Bryant
Nathan Brown '15
North Library
Oliver Youst
Pamela and Troy '88 Hebert
Pamela Halloran '88
Patricia '01 and Richard Hovorka
Patricia Fanning '79
Patricia Schreck
Paul Clark
Robert Brunner
Robert Hagemann
Rosanna Moser '74
Russell '80 and Kathleen Marceau
Ruth Powell '96
Sandra Colwell '68
Sara Treadwell
Sharon and Daniel Tallman
Sharon Zaffarano
Shirley Wilmer-Frye '93 and Floyd Frye
Sr. Mary Juliana Raymond
Suzanne '90 and Michael Zicari
Suzanne Fleming '93
Teresa '76 and John Bach
Teresa Ierlan
Terry and Elizabeth Fralick
Tina Bartlett-Bearup '11
Torrie '01 and Darwin Danks
Vincent Battista
Virginia Hovendon
Watertown Urban Mission
William '75 and Lynn Myers
William '85 and Hollie Lacy
Yvonne Brown '01

Cumulative Giving

Listed below are those whose giving, since 2001, has reached a level of $5,000 or greater.


Aline C.J. Taylor **
Bandych Family
Barben-Jones VFW Post 1400
BCA Architects and Engineers
CAR-FRESHNER Corporation
Chris H. and Janice Ronson, George C. Ronson, and Andrea Daskalakis
Community Bank, NA
David W. and Alice Shearer
David W. '85 and Rachel B. Bandych
Donald J. Grant **
Dr. David G. Gregor **
Edison W. Cox, Jr. '76
Estate of Anna M. Lyng**
Estate of Donald C. Helmer**
Estate of Elizabeth Brown**
Estate of Wesley A. Daniels, III**
Haylor, Freyer and Coon, Inc.
James H. Cox **
Jefferson Rehabilitation Center
Jeff-Lewis Association for Counseling and Development
Johnson Newspaper Corporation (Watertown Daily Times)
Joseph L. '81 and Beth J. '81 Thesier
Jreck Subs, Inc.
Key Bank, NA/Key Bank Foundation
M & T Bank/M & T Charitable Foundation
Mark and Maria Purcell
Marcia Walton '65 and Charles E. Lawrence
McGrann Paper Corporation
New York Air Brake Corporation
Northern New York Community Foundation, Inc.
Purcell Construction Corporation
Rebecca F. '87 and Gregory J. Fichtl
Richard C. '68 and Sharon Howland
Richard R. and Mary H. * Macsherry
Robert R. and Jean S. Sturtz
Samaritan Medical Center
Schwerzman and Wise, PC
Stephen H. '80 and Pamela Can
Susanne L. '82 and David Lipman
T. Urling and Mabel B. Walker
Warren G. Fargo '01 & '03
Watertown Rotary Club, Inc.


Anthony L. and Dianne Meda
Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
Beverly A. Shepard
Cary R. Brick
Daniel J. and Nancy Villa
David H. and Hildred Allard
David W. and Nancy Mance
Dr. Carole A. and Donald J. McCoy
Dr. James B. Oliver
Donald C.* and Betty M.* Whiteman
Emmeline Morris *
Estate of Leona M. "Noni" Farmer**
Estate of Theodore R. Otakie**
Eunice B. Stone *
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
Faculty Student Association of Jefferson Community College
Freeman Bus Corporation
Frontier League
Fuccillo Mitsubishi
Jan H. Corning
Jay F. and Dawn D. Stone
Jefferson Community College Women's Organization
Jefferson County American Legion
Jefferson County Highway Superintendents' Association
John F. and Betsy D. Penrose
John H. Sheehan **
John Wagenaar
Kate J. Lorenz
Katherine F. and Brian D. Fenlon
KPH Healthcare Services, Inc. (Kinney Drugs)
Lee T. and Deborah Hirschey
Lettuce Feed You, Inc.
Liberty Mutual Group, Inc.
MACH Architecture, P.C.
Marianne B. '67 and Joseph P. Malatino
Mark W. and Helen Fenlon
Mercy Hospital Alumnae Association
Mercy of NNY Auxiliary
Myron F. and Mary I.* DeFranco
National Grid
New York Propane and Gas Association
North Country Orthopedic Group
Northern Credit Union
Pamela S. Beyor-Murtha and John P. Murtha '89
Robert A. and Mary K. Boice
Shirley I. Smith *
Slack Chemical Company
Student Association of Jefferson Community College
Susan A. Adler
Ultimate Franchise Systems Inc.
Waite Motor Sales, Inc.
Wannetah and Donald F.* Pitz
Watertown Police Benevolent Association
Watertown Savings Bank
Watertown Sunrise Rotary Club


Actus Lend Lease
Allen L. Walker
AmeriCU Credit Union
Amy-Ruth Hallett '84
Andrew D. Heineman *
Anne and Andy* Porter
Bonnie Vanepps Kellogg '67 and William B. Kellogg
Bruce J. Ebbels *
Carthage Federal Savings and Loan
Carthage Specialty Paperboard/Climax Manufacturing Company
Christopher M. '85 and Jody R.A. '85 LaLone
Christy Morrison '76
Citizens Bank of Cape Vincent
Community Broadcasters LLC
CPCU, Syracuse Chapter
Cyril and Marlene Hajal Mouaikel
David and Jean Boone
DealMaker Auto Group
Erik E. Bergstrom
Erin McCarthy ' 74 and Richard Greene
Eugene D. '70 and Michelle D. Pfaff
Exxon Mobil Foundation
Frederick L. Gray **
Gary L. Sproul
IBM Corporation
Italian American Civic Association
James P. and Joanne M. '82 McClusky
John and Mary Jo '81 Deans
Joseph L. and Carol Rich
Karen A.'00 and David J. Carr
Karl F. '76 and Sharon H. McGrann
Kent M. and Dorothy Miner and Family
Knowlton Technologies, LLC
LaFave Family
Marc S. Thomas '01 and Family
Marie A. Hess '74
Marsha L. and Leslie H. Deming
Mart and Mai Liinve
Mary Cecil
Mary M. and James W. Corriveau
Mary and Jeff '08 Perrine
Matthew T. Yancey '96
McClusky Law Firm LLC
Michael & JoAnne Crowley
Michelle D. and Eugene D. '70 Pfaff
Nathan P. '01 and Erin E. Hunter
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Watertown
Ralph Wm. and Sandra C. Timerman
RBC Wealth Management
Renzi Foodservice
Richard F. '68 and Janet Z. '75 Young
Richard S. and Marion S. Merrill
Robert* and Elizabeth Wehrle
Ruth E. Seaman '68
Salmon Run Mall
South Jefferson Lions Club
Stewart's Shops
Teal's Express
Thomas E. '66 and Sally C. Bowie
Timothy F. Grosse
Todd A. Rielly '87 and Kimberly M. Reuss '88
Transitional Living Services of Northern New York
Verizon Wireless
Waite Toyota Challenge
Waste Management

* deceased
** includes estate gifts