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Gifts in Honor

Honorary donations are a wonderful way to thank someone who has touched your life.  The listing below reflects gifts September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016.  The gift is given in honor of the name of the person listed in bold.

Paul Amyot, In Honor of his Retirement
Faculty Student Association of JCC

Cedric Baggett ‘16, Student Commencement Speaker Spring 2016
Faculty Student Association of JCC

Jean Cougler
Deborah '75 and Michael Champlin

John Deans, In Honor of the Collaborative Learning Center Dedication
Sarah and Dennis Baldwin
Philip James '14
Richard and Patti Stephens
Michael Brumback
Robert Hagemann
Bruce Alexander
Betty Andrews
Patricia Barbalich
Scott and Gayle Barton
Mary Lou Bertrand and Joseph Geglia '02
Pamela Beyor-Murtha and John Murtha
Robert Bookser '74
Kathryn and Dan Brownell
Cailey Burrows '16
Karen '00 and David Carr
Maureen and Donald '92 Cean
Mari Cecil
Peggy Coe
Eric Constance
Jon and Karen Constance
Michael and JoAnne Crowley
Inger Curth
Adam and Jodi Deans
Chad Deans
Sarah and Jeffery Gilbert Deans
Nancy Del Borgo
Rosemary Deusser-Jensen
Linda Dittrich
Carol Doe
Elizabeth Durant
Warren Fargo ‘01
Carol and Raymond Feasel
Katherine and Brian Fenlon
Thomas and Teresa Finch
Carolyn and James '72 Fitzpatrick
Rose Frattali
Barbara Gaskin
Jane Gendron '73
Katherine Griffin
Steven and Carla Haas
Richard Halpin
Walter and Michelle Hammond
Mary and Thomas Hanley
Sylvia and Walker '95 Heap
John and Lorraine Henderson
Marie Hess '74
Allison and Robert Hill
Nathan and Kathryn Holloway
Richard '68 and Sharon Howland
Janet '77 and Norman Hunneyman
Alva and Vance Jahnes-Smith
Kevin '72 and Bonnie Larkin
Sharon Lasker
James Leven
Charles and Lisa L'Huillier Ruggiero
Suzanne '82 and David Lipman
Deanna Lothrop
Carl and Wesley McLaughlin
Katherine and Cataldo Morgia
Cyril Mouaikel and Marlene Hajal Mouaikel
National Association of the 10th Mountain Division, Inc.
Deborha O'Connor
Judith '76 and Patrick Pearson
John and Betsy Penrose
Richard and Kathryn Poulsen
Mark and Maria Purcell
Claudia '79 and Dennis '75 Quinn
Theresa and Douglas Quintin
David and Mary Reid
Terrence and Maria Roche
Christina '86 and Noel Schneider
Lisa Scrivani-Tidd and Roderick Tidd
David Shampine
Gary Sproul
Robert and Jean Sturtz
Sheree '92 and Patrick '90 Trainham
Jon Vincitore
Paula Vincitore
T. Urling and Mabel Walker
Watertown Evening Rotary
Watertown Rotary Club Inc
Watertown Urban Mission
Rosanne Weir and William Nelson
Katrina '85 and Patrick '66 Wilder
Stephen '69 and Karen Williamson
Keith and Jane Yandoh
Miracle and Scott Yon-Brown
Richard '68 and  Janet '75 Young

Fontana Family
David Fontana '88

Carolyn Gaffney
Marcia Gaffney

Sharon Gaffney
Marcia Gaffney

W. Douglas Howland
Kathleen '66 and Phillip Compeau

JCC Community Orchestra and Band
Jean and Dwight Campbell

Jefferson Leadership Institute Class of 2016
Members of Class

Jim McVean
Mary McVean '79

Katherine McVean
Mary McVean '79

Nancy Lee McVean
Mary McVean '79

Jeffery Moore, In Honor of his Retirement
Faculty Student Association of JCC

Carla Overton ‘03, Commencement Speaker Spring 2016
Faculty Student Association of JCC

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Pearson
Sharon and Ross Ney

Ray Petersen, Commencement Speaker Winter 2015
Faculty Student Association of JCC

Robert Williams
Edwin Thompson