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Concern, Attention, Respect for Every Student (CARES)

The CARES team was formed to facilitate communication of information regarding students of concern. The primary purpose of CARES is to identify and engage troubled students as early as possible, providing support and helping them receive appropriate professional assistance.

CARES is comprised of a dedicated and trained group of staff and faculty whose mission is to:

  • Provide outreach, support and initiate appropriate interventions to students in distress;
  • Develop strategies to assist struggling students utilizing campus, community and family resources;  
  • Improve student success.

CARES is not an emergency response team; it is primarily a student support and assistance team. 

CARES Referrals

Faculty, staff and students may initiate referrals through the online referral system or to any CARES member. Some possible reasons for referral:

  • Students whose behavior, emotional or physical state raises concerns;
  • Students who have experienced traumatic personal events or loss and may need assistance coping;
  • Students who may be threats to themselves or the campus community.

Referral information is shared confidentially with team members; additional faculty and professionals are included when appropriate.  CARES reviews all information on a student’s behavior and determines interventions when necessary.  Cases are reviewed regularly to best determine how to assist students as behavior changes.  Communication with involved parties is handled by a member of the CARES team to ensure follow-up. 

Emergency or Crisis

If you are concerned that someone is in danger of harming themselves or others, please call Campus Security at 2222 (or 786-2222) or dial 911 for immediate response.

Team Members

Professional staff from Counseling, Accommodative Services, Health & Wellness, Academic Affairs, Housing & Residence Life, Campus Safety & Security and administration comprise the team.

Katy Troester-Trate, Counselor, 786-2450
Tanya Hoistion, Disabilities Specialist, 786-2335
Michael Wicks, College Nurse, 786-2247
Wes Hissong, Director of Campus Safety and Security, 786-6517