Student Insurance Coverage

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Jefferson Community College Sponsored Health Insurances

  • Jefferson Community College Student Health Insurance
  • Jefferson Community College Accidental Injury Insurance
  • International Travel Medical Insurance

Visit Haylor, Freyer & Coon for Health Insurance Waiver on-line application, Plan booklets, Travel Insurance quote & on-line application, and Accidental Injury Claim Forms.

Accidental Injury Coverage

Skateboarding and break your wrist?  Fell off those spiked heels and sprained your ankle?  JCC knows accidents can result in uncovered medical bills for our students.

The following students are automatically enrolled in Accidental Injury Medical Insurance coverage (covers both on & off-campus injuries):

  • All full time students
  • Animal Management/Zoo Technology Students
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Nursing students
  • Paramedic students
  • Fire Protection

Accidental insurance is required for the students above, and may not be waived.   This is an optional fee for part-time students, with a cost of approximately $23 per year. Click here for current fee.

With the exception of government insurance plans, the JCC Accidental Medical Insurance is secondary to other existing insurance, but will pay towards deductibles, co-pays and other non-covered charges for medical care related to accidental injuries.

For assistance in processing an Accidental Medical Insurance claim, contact the Health & Wellness Center at 315-786-2376.

Residential Student Health Insurance Requirements

All students living on-campus are required to have health insurance, and are automatically enrolled in, and billed for, SUNY JCC Health Insurance.  

  • Students moving into the residence halls in the spring will have pro-rated (reduced fee) health insurance coverage.
  • Students with other health insurance may have the option to waive the JCC Student Health Insurance fee.

Waiving Health Insurance

The JCC Health Insurance fee will automatically be credited back to the student account if waiver of JCC health insurance is approved.


  • Residence Hall students may waive the JCC Student Health Insurance by demonstrating comparable health insurance coverage. 
  • Waiver applications must be filed on-line at the website address above.


  • On-line health insurance waivers generally must be completed within 25 days from the start of semester.
  • Late waiver applications will be denied.

No refunds are available after the wavier deadline has passed, but students will remain insured until August 1st (see plan booklet).

Students who lose health insurance after leaving JCC may apply for subsidized health insurance within 30 days of the date above (see ‘Other Health Insurance Options’ below).

NOTICE: Students without U.S. health insurance, or JCC Accidental Insurance, are not covered for treatment of illness or injuries occurring either on or off campus. Part-time students are not automatically covered under accidental insurance, but may optionally purchase this at very low cost. International students must purchase health insurance to have coverage in the U.S.  Canadian Health Insurance does not cover care in the U.S.

Other Health Insurance Options for U.S. Students

Not a Residence Hall student?

  • You may be eligible to purchase SUNY JCC Health Insurance.  Call the Health & Wellness Center at 315-786-2376 for information. 

Looking for coverage other than JCC Health Insurance? 

  • Anyone can apply for subsidized insurance from November until open enrollment closes at the beginning of the following year.
  • Low income students can generally sign up anytime. 
  • Those who lose job based insurance benefits, or have a life changing event have a time limited ‘Special Enrollment Period’ to apply.

For Health Insurance Assistance

  • Call a Health Insurance Navigator at 1-800-279-8679, or 315-788-8533, or
  • Visit  to review a number of NYS health insurance options

Insurance options can also be checked out at:

Travel Insurance Coverage

International health insurance plans, including Canadian Health Plans, typically do not cover students for treatment in the U.S., requiring purchase of a U.S. health plan.  Non-residential international students can choose either:

  • The SUNY Jefferson Student Health Insurance, as above, or

Choose an optional Travel Insurance Plan health insurance plan (visit website at top).   Bills are sent directly to the student by the insurance company.

Contact Information

Health and Wellness Center
James McVean Student Center
Room 4-104
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
Phone: 315-786-2376
Fax: 315-786-2382