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Be Bold, Be Creative, Be You….. and be a part of something great! Join a Student Club today!

Jefferson Community College has a wide array of clubs and organizations to join and participate in. Joining a club at JCC affords you the opportunity to develop lasting relationships with your fellow students, pursue an interest, develop leadership skills, celebrate your culture or just have fun!

Below is a listing of current clubs and organizations at JCC.  Don’t see what you’re looking for? Start a new club! Stop by our office and we’ll help you get started.

Current Clubs and Organizations

Art Club

Looking for that creative outlet? Well, you’ve found it with the art club.  We are an organization that creates and showcases the efforts of our members. Whether you are an experienced artist or just a novice; if you have a love of creating art, the art club is for you!

Advisor Information
Lucinda Barbour -
Asian Culture Club

The purpose of the Asian Culture is to educate the community about the diverse and rich traditions of the various Asian cultures. The club promotes cultural acceptance among all groups by hosting a series of events and fundraisers.  We come together to show pride in race and ethnicity. Within this club, we hope to culturally converge to help those who are in the Asian minority - in this society - in hopes to gain a brighter future. We hope to make more people aware of their own culture and those cultures around to expand their knowledge. Open to all students and formed to celebrate the Asian culture and educate the campus on Asian customs and celebrations join us today!

Advisor Information
B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers and Sisters in Christ)

B.A.S.I.C. exists to provide regular opportunities to study and discuss the Bible, converse with God, fellowship together, encourage one another, and enhance spiritual development among members. We seek to be a resource to the student body by offering opportunities to discuss spiritual matters and provide materials in the form of outside speakers, videos, books, and articles; all for its benefit and consideration.

Looking for a way to help students develop and explore their lives as Christians? The B.A.S.I.C club is an organization that provides interdenominational, bible-based organization for the JCC community. If you’re looking for opportunities to worship while building relationships join us today!

Advisor Information
Bad Movie Club

The corn is popped, and we're playing bad movies! The Bad Movie Club provides a fun opportunity to build friendships, while also cultivating a love of cinema. We will meet at the end of each week in a fun and social setting to watch and critique the worst Hollywood has to offer.

Advisor Information
Black Student Alliance

BSA strives to strengthen not only the individual, but the community as a whole. We provide an opportunity to express your thoughts concerning current events, academics, cultural arts and campus life. Please join us!

Advisor Information
Terrance Harris -
Business Club/ HAT (Hospitality and Tourism)

Our business/HAT club is one of our most active clubs and we welcome all students who are looking to gain valuable business experience by participating in group meetings using planning, organizing, directing and leadership skills to coordinate club events, competitions and community projects. Our goal is to help members prepare for the job market by refining resume and interview techniques and by offering mock interview opportunities. Get a head start on building your career in the business world by joining our club!

Advisor Information
Dawn Robinson -
Kim Mattraw -
Campus Activities Board

The mission of CAB is to strive to provide the campus community with diverse programs of cultural, social, and educational variety to meet the needs of the campus community through the efforts of students who actively plan, implement and evaluate programs. Kendrick Lamar, Halestorm, Saving Abel are just a few of the Big name concerts we have had at Jefferson. We also promote National Speaker and Cultural Arts Series. Some of the Highlights include Actor/ Rapper Common, Actor Danny Glover and Matt Rollloff from Little People Big World just to name a few. Check out our page for upcoming events! join us today!

Advisor Information

The Cannon is the student newspaper. It is published three times a semester and distributed at no charge to the campus community. The newspaper contains news, features, editorials, cartoons, columns, and other information of the interest to the campus and the community. All story materials and ideas are by students. Do you have a love of writing and editing? Do you love taking pictures? Join our student newspaper today!

Cheerleading Club

As a team, we highlight our talents through supporting the Cannoneer Nation at athletic and community events.  We also support ourselves through fundraising and showcase our abilities at both local and national competitions. We got spirit yes we do, we got spirit how about you!  Join our club and help us support our Cannoneer athletes at home games. Our club competes in regional and national competitions, and we were New York State Champs in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 and Jamfest National Champs in 2012! So get your cheer on and join us today!

Advisor Information
Christy Frey -
Cinematic Production Club

At the Cinematic Production Club we channel our love for cinema into the production of short films. We also organize an independent film festival. So if you're an aspiring filmmaker looking for an outlet to practice your craft, then you're welcome here!

Advisor Information
Computer and Technology Club

To share information and insight about the field of technology and engage in hands-on group projects that make the concepts behind various areas of computing more enjoyable in everyone’s life. Love computers and anything that has to do with technology? We are an organization of students with an interest in a better understanding of computers and we offer our members more time to experiment with computers outside the classroom. join us today!

Advisor Information
Gregory McBroom -
Cosplay Club

Cosplay Club is a club dedicated to the study and perfection of the art of Cosplay (Costume Roleplay.) Cosplay is a form of costuming where the wearer creates an elaborate costume to perfectly match the outfit of characters from a movie, Japanese anime, cartoon, television show, video game, or anything else they may be a fan of join us today!

Advisor Information
Criminal Justice Club

We seek to keep students informed on current criminal justice issues by hosting guest speakers and activities, and club members work together toward common goals and community involvement. We seek to provide interesting events, critical information, and valuable skills to students interested in all fields of Criminal Justice—including Law Enforcement, Forensics, Corrections, Law and Criminology. We are committed to helping students reach their academic and professional goals through network and skill building, while also assisting our community with creative charity work and community service. join us today!

Advisor Information
Paul Alteri -
Dionysian Players

We aim to support the struggles and ambitions of its theatre community while providing the College itself with showcases, productions, and much more. Club meetings include activities such as acting workshops & exercises, improvisation games, theatre discussion, and on occasion random nonsensical shouting matches. Bring your friends! Bring your friends friends! Bring that one girl from science who looks at you funny! We don't care, just spread the word to ensure theatre stays alive and well at Jefferson.  “To be or not to be, that is the question.” Interested in theater and the performing arts? Join our club today where we provide activities and opportunities for our members in performing arts. Some of the productions we have performed in include RENT, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Charlie Brown to name just a few!

Advisor Information
Craig Thorton -
Early Childhood and Development Club

The club participates in a number of worthwhile activities.  Members also attend conferences where we learn about the early childhood field and network with professional educators and other early childhood students.  We create awareness of the issues affecting young children and their families. Love kids? Looking for a profession in early childhood development? We are a group of students interested in early childhood development professions, join us today!

Advisor Information
Gwen Francis-Frey -
Sister Juliana Raymond -
EMS Club

The purpose of the EMS Club is to create a positive environment for the advancements of interpersonal, practical and leadership skills and knowledge through training and competition. We are a group of students that help promote awareness of, and interest in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), fire, rescue and other emergency services. Our club participates in the EMS Competition in Syracuse, NY and the Ride with EMT in New York City; join us today!

Advisor Information
Jeannina Gomiela -
Engineering Club

Our mission is to provide a diverse, flexible, open, and constructive environment for prospective engineers and technicians to work together on projects, gain experience, and promote engineering and technology. We work hard while having fun to meet the goals of our projects – be it making a quality product or promoting engineering to others.

We have traveled to NASA and have participated in competitions in New York City and Hawaii! Join us today!

Advisor Information
Genny Pond -
Larry Danforth -
European Excursion Club

Love to travel? We are the right club for you! We foster a spirit of cultural awareness and discovery through travel. Some of the cool places we’ve traveled to have been Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, Paris, London and Brussels to name a few! Join us today and let’s go places! Join us today!

Advisor Information
Ronald Palmer -
Haven Club (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies)

The Haven Club is for students who are interested in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues. Our purpose is to provide support to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and heterosexual individuals in the form of peer, professional, and group meetings. We strive to provide education about LGBT issues to all students and the college community at large, and to advocate for LGBT rights for the fair and equal treatment of all persons on campus. Join our club

Advisor Information
Katy Troester Trate -
Human Services Club

The Human Services Club proudly takes the knowledge we have learned in our Human Services classes and applies those principles to real world experience. Our club is actively involved in working with community organizations to help promote, support, and educate students and community members alike of the various important ways in which we can all work together to make a difference. Are you looking for an opportunity to deepen your understanding of human services and social work? Join our club where we help provide service to our human services community and schools to help us grow on a personal level.

Advisor Information
Pamela Kraus -
Tricia Howell -