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Biennial Regional Economic Survey

The biennial Regional Economic Tracking Survey is an inventory of the attitudes, opinions and behaviors of a representative sample of Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence County adult residents. The study has been completed and reported in 2013, 2015, and 2017.  Throughout the years of existence of the Center it has been frequently suggested by local community leaders that the Center undertake a consistent data collection and study process with a focus on economic indicators – attitudes and behaviors of North Country adult residents.  The suggestion included that these more qualitative measurements of human attitudes and behaviors collected via interviews might enhance the many more quantitative employment and business indicators that are measured by other labor, workforce and economic development and government agencies to provide a more complete assessment of local economic issues.  The primary goal of the economic survey is to collect data regarding behaviors and perceptions of local economic development activities and initiatives to augment the information provided about quality-of-life indicators already being measured in the annual county-specific quality-of-life surveys of the communities.

Over time the changes in the economic indicators measured in this survey study will provide important and useful information to economic planners, business owners, elected officials, potential entrepreneurs, and citizens. The final study reports for these Annual Surveys are available in PDF format via the thumbnails shown below.  Upon request the professional staff at the Center will provide public presentations of these survey results.

Biennial Regional Economic Tracking Survey Annual Studies – Final Reports





3rd Biennial3rd Biennial




Examples of a Public Presentations of Biennial Survey Findings – Third Biennial Regional Economic Tracking Survey (October 2017)

3rd Biennial Presentation3rd Biennial Presentation      

Third Biennial
(October 2017)




Community Sponsor for the Biennial Regional Economic Tracking Survey

The Center for Community Studies would like to acknowledge and thank the Development Authority of the North Country for their generous financial support of this biennial survey.


Coming Soon – Meta-database of 5 years of regional economic tracking in Northern New York