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Event Request Forms

Requests for the use of the facilities of the College must be submitted, in writing, to the Campus Event Coordinator at least 60 days prior to the event. In general, the College will be unable to make a firm commitment until sixty days prior to the event. The Campus Event Coordinator may be contacted at (315) 786-2405 or via email at

Event Request Form - For Outside Agencies
Event Request Form - For Internal Facilities Use

Non-College organizations whose purposes are to provide charitable or public benefit services may charge an admission fee or accept donations subject to pertinent State and local laws. Such intention to charge admission fees or accept donations shall be set forth in the application for use of College facilities. When admission fees are to be charged or donations are to be accepted, the organization shall make it known in all publicity that the proceeds are for the benefit of the organization and not the College.

Upon approval of the request, a written contract will be issued to the organization specifying the physical facilities to be used, the hours of such use, and any service or facilities use fees. Access to the facilities is limited to the times and areas specified in the Agreement. Organizations using College facilities are required to clear the area per agreement

Additional information is available in the Facilities Use Handbook