Textbook Return Policy

The following guidelines apply when returning textbooks:

  • Textbooks may be returned within 2 weeks of the start of the class.
  • Non-textbook purchases may be returned within 10 days of the date of purchase.
  • Items returned must be in original packaging and in original condition.
  • Receipts are required for all returns.
  • Shrink-wrapped textbooks may not be returned if plastic is removed.
  • Software may not be returned unless damaged or defective.
  • Special orders may not be returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell my textbooks back to the bookstore after I'm done with them?
Yes, we offer a textbook buyback program to provide you with an opportunity to sell your used books.

When can I sell my used textbooks?
The bookstore offers buyback services on a continuous basis except during book rush (the first month of each semester) and for about 1 day at the end of each month.

What happens to the used textbooks I sell to the bookstore?
Where your used textbook ends up depends on whether it will be used again for another course at JCC. If an instructor has indicated that a book will be used for a course the following semester, we will purchase a set number of copies of that book for resale to JCC students. If the textbook is no longer used by JCC or we have acquired all of the textbooks we need for the next semester, your book will be purchased by a company that deals in used textbooks.

How much can I expect to be paid for my books?
The price you can expect to be paid for your textbook will depend on who we end up buying it for. If it is a book that we can use for the next semester, we will purchase it ourselves. In general, we will pay 50% of the new book price for your text. If we purchase your book for the used book company, the price will be considerably less.

What determines the price the used book company will pay for my books?
There are several factors that affect the price the used book company will pay for your textbooks. These include:

  • demand for the book at other colleges
  • whether a new edition of the book is due to be released
  • the condition of the book

The market price of a used textbook will be higher for a recent edition and will fall dramatically as the release of a new edition draws near.

How often does the price change for a used book?
We are provided with an electronic database of the current market price for books the used book company will buy. This buyer's guide is updated several times during the year.

How come you won't buy some of my books?
Some books simply have no value because there is no demand for the book. For example, once a new edition of a book is released, older editions have no value. Another reason we might not buy a book is because it is an annual edition (these will usually include the year in the title). Finally, your book will have no value if it is in poor condition, contains excessive marks or highlighting, or is currently overstocked by the used book company.

Is there a best time to sell my used books?
As a general rule, it is better to sell your textbooks at the end of the semester after we've entered our list for the next semester. When you present a book for sale, our system will check to see if we are looking to buy the book for the next semester. If so, we will pay the higher price for the book. If not, the system will check to see if the used book company will buy the book.

My friend sold a textbook back this morning and received $30 for the book. When I brought the same book in, I was only offered $10 for it. Why?
When your friend presented his book, we were buying for our list to sell for next semester. Once we have purchased enough copies of a title to meet our anticipated needs, we will begin buying that book for the used book company which will pay a lower price. We buy for our list on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How is the selling price of a used textbook determined?
The selling price of a used textbook is determined by the new textbook price. Students can expect to pay 75% of the price of a new textbook for a used copy of the book.

What can I do to maximize the price I will get for my textbook?

  • Do not mark or make notes in your textbook (A small amount of marking is acceptable)
  • Do not highlight (A small amount of highlighting is acceptable)
  • Bring your books in near the end of the semester

Ask the cashier if our book list has been loaded. If it hasn't, then we are only buying for the used book company. You may wish to hold on to the book until our list is loaded for the next semester. If you're not sure, feel free to ask one of our staff. Our goal is to make sure that you get the best price for your book!