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Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Army Degree Program

In 1985, Jefferson Community College became a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Army Degree program (SOCAD). SOCAD is a worldwide system composed of an ever-growing number of colleges united together to form a network designed to facilitate the education of servicemembers. 

As a SOCAD College serving the educational needs of servicemembers at Fort Drum, Jefferson Community College commits itself to criteria and requirements defined in the College’s formal SOCAD Agreement.

The SOCAD Program

  • provides networks of similar degree programs on worldwide Army installations
  • helps a soldier establish a “home college” at one installation
  • reduces loss of credit through guarantee of transfer rules
  • reduces residence course requirements to no more than 25% of the credits needed for the degree
  • provides the issuance of a SOCAD Student Agreement that acts as a “contract for a degree”
  • Jefferson Community College SOCAD Degree Network Programs

Soldiers who need SOCAD Student Agreements created and posted to the GoArmyEd portal will be identified through GoArmyEd/college processes.  NOTE:  Soldiers MUST complete admissions requirements to receive a SOCAD Student Agreement.

As many SOCAD Colleges do, JCC extends the benefits of SOCAD to military spouses.  A spouse will simply need to complete SOCAD Request Form after completing admissions requirements.

Jefferson Community College SOC Request Form (PDF)