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"Newborn Feelings" - Cynthia Lonsbary

When it’s 2am and I still can’t get her to sleep
…I feel Frustrated

When we spend 20 minutes trying to get her to latch to my breast until even she is grunting in frustration
…I feel Incompetent

When she cries for what seems hours and I cannot console her
…I feel like Crying

When she falls asleep curled up against my chest, holding my finger tightly
…I feel Content

When I change a diaper in the middle of the night in the dark with no fuss or mess
…I feel Accomplished

When she’s really “looking” into my eyes
…I feel in Love

When my husband says “I’ll get up so you can have a break, go back to sleep”
…I feel Fortunate

When I think of her getting sick or hurt for the first time
…I feel Dread

When I look at her perfect little ears, toes, hands, eyes, mouth
…I feel Amazed

When I think of doing all this in one form or the other for the next 18-25 years
…I feel Terrified, Excited, Ready, Unprepared,
Lucky, Happy

When I think “We made this”
I feel Awe-struck

It’s amazing how something so little can make you feel so much.