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"Places I've Loved" - Christine Grimes

the small dip inside my mother’s shoulder when she hugs
           me goodbye
the short sidewalk between my house and my
           grandmother’s when I was little
the yard of my first rent house when I planted her peonies
the sand where I rotated the toes of my cleats in the
           batter’s box before a pitch
the hill I could roll down on my way to the lake on
           summer vacation
St. George Island on a windy fall day in Florida
           where only one other family picnicked with us
the roadside park where grapevines hung like arms to
           swing on
my mother’s kitchen that was too small for both of us but
           had the hole above the stove so I could stay close
           to watch meatballs brown while water boiled
the scoop seat of my first car that hugged my hips when I
           shifted gears
a quiet bench in the sunlight near a chipmunk eating a
the train station in Madrid where my best friend and I
           wept, then laughed, then found our way home
the scuffed wooden floor beneath waltzing boots
the funnel where my feet sink into sand after a wave passes
the divot left in the side of your finger when you move
           your wedding ring
the space inside a page that can hold it all