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"Warped Speed in a Snow Storm" - Jessica Duger

I remember defying physics when I was six.
It was on some back road in the middle of a snow storm,
when the most incredible event occurred.
My father, older brother, and I travelled at warped speed.
My dad’s truck was suddenly the Millennium Falcon;
no longer just a rattling Nissan spray painted black with

 The snowflakes zoomed by like the stars
when my dad hit the high beams.
The three of us sat huddled on the bench seat;
shaking and shivering;
as though we were on the frigid planet Hoth.
The heater barely worked,
and the snow was blinding,
but we felt like heroes.
We hummed the tune of the Imperial Death March
while we escaped the cold clutches of evil
to the warmth and safety of home.

We were aboard the fastest ship in the galaxy.
No TIE-fighter would ever be able to catch us.
My father; as hairy as a Wookie, manned the controls
            with ease.

Even though the roads were covered
and we probably never exceeded speeds over twenty,
it felt like we were flying.
we were soaring faster than
the speed of sound,
the speed of light,
denying the natural laws of the universe.