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Mariana Bruno da Silva - How to be a Journalist

Long hours, coffee, multitasking.

Someone is late, someone lied, someone never showed up. Someone said you don’t have to know everything, you have to know people who do.

You need a font, someone to interview, someone to interview who speaks well, someone who can help you make your name.

Pens, paper, cell phone, tablet, computer. On the newspaper, on TV, on the interent. Breaking news? Someone stole your story.

Write about the world’s economy, about the forests, about education, about traffic, about this new diet, about what Prince George was wearing when he was baptized.

The truth, without personal opinions, the truth, without cleaning it up, the truth, what people need to know.

Numbers, hours, running, closing. Rewrite it, edit it, get me a better photo, clean this interview, I need it shorter, I need it bigger, you need it better.

What did he just say on live television?

Write all day. Write about Disney World, write about the new book, the new iPhone, the newest new things.

Write for them, write for you, write to be part of history