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Ruth Kratzat Chapin - Death Wish

I want to die on a windy day,
So as my spirit slips away,
And leaves my flesh behind to stay,
I can fly upon the wind. 

As color fades to pale cast,
And I leave grief behind at last,
I’m breaking free and moving fast,
Soaring upon the wind.

Time for me will be no more.
I’ll slip through the eternal door,
Free to float and dip and soar,
And dance upon the wind.

Now I live at sluggish pace,
My movements are not filled with grace,
But my spirit then will leap and race,
At light speed on the wind.

When it’s time, don’t be surprised,
If as I sigh and close my eyes,
Mighty gusts from breezes rise.
I’m somersaulting in the wind.