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Craig Thornton - Drag Me to Hell

This year, death has visited
Too often and recklessly,
Young friends, friends my age
Have been pulled and plucked
From earth…from around me
And I still walk, guilty and wondering
When I will be picked like a
Grape whose time has come.

Two days after Cynthia passed
I had an unwelcome visitor in the
Night-an old hag, rose in my
Cold, mournful room – she grabbed
My feet and began pulling me-
I felt her hands on my legs, thighs
And then my ass—like a lover’s rough
grope, with passion, but without love or care.

She tried to drag me from t he bed,
I held on, terrified and unpacked,
Not ready to go.  I woke myself up,
I thrashed and shook her off.

Was I in hell, was I indeed
Dragged to hell?

Sin laden and mean, I see myself these days,
Unworthy of earthly existence and humbled by death
Its quirky randomness and silly whims.
My Karma smells bad, and is hovering above me
Like an odorous stench of dead souls.

Driving at night I killed something, it
Dashed out across the highway
I barreled on in the car, radio playing,
without stopping or slowing
A quick thud and it was over,
I brought death to a living thing
Since then I have known
-the old hag would come for me.