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Ann Clark-Moore – Hero

The woman pushing the shopping cart
behind Eckert’s Liquor Store is really a super-hero.
You think she’s a bag lady,
wrenching the wheels of the cart
through the muddy puddles in the black asphalt,
snatches of frizzed salt and pepper hair
escaping from a brown toque.

You see her every day
as she collects cans and bottles
from the ditches, makes a circuit
up Coffeen Street hill, through the plaza,
down Arsenal and over to the redemption center,
her mottled Australian Shepherd wrapped
in a baby quilt and wearing a bomber hat.

He’s her sidekick, and the cans are landmines
or the components for a laser beam
she’ll assemble down on Pearl Street,
where the world is saved every day
to the tune of just under ten dollars,
enough to buy a  trip to the moon
on Night Train or Thunderbird.