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Dalton Hall - Remember to Remember

His flowers stopped growing years before
We stopped visiting his grave.
His headstone became weathered
In the harsh northern winters.
Save for a few occasions, we don’t
Visit him often, he slips our minds,
Having expended all our remembrance
During lengthy summer calling hours.

When I move away I will slap
His name onto my child’s like his
Is imprinted into mine, a father
That child will never know, the man
Who let us put quarters in the spigot
To fill his ten gallon water jugs
And whose stubbly chin hair I felt
Whenever I would kiss him goodbye.

A man whose wife is left to us,
Bless her heart and soul,
Having dealt with his withering cheeks,
His swollen ankles, his robust frame
And slept by his side just
To alleviate his pain, and when
She sleeps next to him once more we will
Visit him one last time, for the sake of remembering.