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Katelyn Hunter – Sestina: The Treehouse

Deep in luscious green foliage, far to the west
where unseen tints of orange, red, and purple sway
on the horizon, dancing like smoke
in the rain. Fabulous dreamer
your bungalow awaits.
Ready to greet you to its halcyon scene.

It awaits you now, but first you must be seen
for her naked eye only faces west.
Dulcet fruits on her branches await
comely, left untouched to sway.
She’s planning your arrival, fabulous dreamer.
Light her weeds up in smoke.

And don’t forget to smoke the smoke
in this imaginary, efflorescent scene.
Read not by me, but rather, a fabulous dreamer
dreaming the dream, while facing west,
out in the garden, where the willow trees sway
Closer, nearer. Still she only awaits

an eternity away. She still awaits
Imagine yet another blast of colorful smoke
to fill the horizon as the trees would sway
from dark to light. Imagine the scene of the treehouse in the mountains, facing west toward the sea. Haunting the dreams of a dreamer.

Careful, now fabulous dreamer.
You may be in too deep as she awaits
to carry you home. To take you west
to yet another path gone up in lovely smoke.
There lies another, deep in slumber, imagining the scene
of a treehouse in the mountains, left to sway.

Sway left, sway right, sway
into my soul, a soul of a dreamer
whose buy mind was left to reminisce the scene
of a treehouse that awaits
set back in lush green, a sky up in smoke
and who’s to say that we must all travel west?

What if west was easterly and northerners did sway
left to right, smoke signals will surely show the way, for only the dreamer.
For she awaits the day that you and I shall visit that imaginary scene.