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Samantha Alteri - Who Forgot To Tell Her?

She isn’t your friend.
She won’t be there for you,
even when you need her the most.
She’ll forward your calls to voicemail
when you need someone to talk to.
Even if it’s an emergency.
She’s not going to hold you when you cry.
She won’t tell you everything will be okay.
She’s not going to teach you how to put make-up on.
You will have to learn that on your own.
She won’t give you advice on boys.
Good luck figuring it out by yourself.
She is not going to wish you a happy birthday.
Eventually you stop reminding her.
She won’t be at your soccer game, cheering you on.
She won’t even wish you luck beforehand.
Don’t expect her to ask you how your day was.
I’m sorry, but she’s not going to care.
She’s not going to share her belongings with you,
except her parents.
She’ll share her parents,
She won’t have a choice.
She’s your sister.
Who forgot to tell her?