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North Country Writer's Festival 2012

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Volume V
Fall 2012
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Carlton Fisher, nonfiction, short fiction, poetry
Ann Clark-Moore, nonfiction, short fiction, poetry
Brandon Maxam, nonfiction and short fiction
Stacy Pratt, nonfiction, short fiction, poetry
Roy Romano, nonfiction, short fiction, poetry


  1. "Crows in a Snow Storm" - Charles E. Watts (Winner)
  2. "How to Keep Deer Away from the Garden" - Charles E. Watts (Honorable Mention)
  3. "When We Went Ice Fishing" - Brandi L. Taylor (Honorable Mention)

Short Fiction

  1. "Not Your Ordinary Tuesday" - Corey M. Pentoney (Winner)
  2. "Brain Freeze on the St. Lawrence" - Chris L. Brock (Honorable Mention)


  1. "Pinky" - Gary F. Brown (Winner)
  2. "The North Country Revised Translation" - Allan J. Ferguson (Honorable Mention)

In Memoriam:

  1. "Flame Trees" - Dr. Phyllis Kiernan


Contributor’s Notes

Charles E. Watts
is the author of “Raptures: Tales of Darkness and Light,” a book of short stories (RA Press, 2013), and is represented in several anthologies.  He currently teaches at North Country Community College.

Brandi L. Taylor
is a junior at SUNY Plattsburgh studying English literature.  Her literary idols include, but are not limited to, Joyce Carol Oates, Lola Ridge, and Flannery O’Connor.

Corey M. Pentoney
is attending Binghamton University as a graduate student in Creative Writing.  He enjoys playing war games and cooking.  He loves writing almost as much as he loves waffles.

Chris L. Brock
is the features writer and a copy editor at the Watertown Daily Times.  This is his third award for short fiction in the North Country Writers contest.  His collection of short stories, “Those Carp People:  and Other Stories of Life Along the St. Lawrence” can be found on

Gary F. Brown
is just a North Country kid who was fortunate enough to move back home.  He spends all the time he can in the mountains and on the St. Lawrence River.  He pays the bills as a financial advisor but feeds his soul as a volunteer and a frustrated writer.

Allan J. Ferguson
is a retired United Methodist minister currently living in Homer.  He plays bagpipes, volunteers with the Cortland Fire Department and Tully Ambulance and writes as often as he can on a variety of subjects.