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North Country Writers Festival 2014

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Volume VII
Fall 2014
For more information regarding the North Country Writers Festival including contest rules, readings, or booklet publications, please contact the English Department at 315-786-2328.

Mike Avery
Josh Dickinson
Christine Grimes
Carlton Fisher
Stacy Pratt

Carlton Fisher, Co-Chair         Christine Grimes, Co-Chair
Mike Avery                                  Jessica Pierce
Ann Clark-Moore                      Josh Dickinson
Christine Pristash                     Stacy Pratt
Sheree Trainham                      Brian Topping

EDITORS: Sheree Trainham, Steven Brown

LOGO DESIGN: David Bowhall



  1. "Stones" - Corey M. Pentoney (Winner)
  2. "The Beautiful River" - Helen M. Ruggieri (Honorable Mention)

Short Fiction

  1. "My Life As An Otter" - Chris L. Brock (Winner)
  2. "Spin" - Jeff G. Bakkensen (Honorable Mention)


  1. "Measuring Distance" - Diane V. Rogers (Winner)
  2. "An Affordable Scare" - Nicholas P. J. Dephthereos (Honorable Mention)

Contributor's Notes

Corey M. Pentoney teaches English and writing in the shining halls of JCC.  When he’s not busy grading papers, he enjoys the fine art of Belgian Waffle decorating, for which he has won several awards.
Helen M. Ruggierilives in Olean, NY, just two blocks from the Allegheny River.  She edited, with Linda Underhill, a collection of writings about the river:  Written on Water - Writings on the Allegheny River (Mayapple Press).
Diane V. Rogers, a member of Cape Vincent's Poet & Writers, Ink, is an anarchist who has a passion for social justice, education, and healing. She is currently studying at the Freire Institute, has an MA in Transformative Language Arts with a focus on building cross-cultural relationships from Goddard College, and likes to think about the ways words can transform ourselves and our world.
Nicholas P. J. Dephtereos, a Watertown native, is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Writing. His work has appeared in the Watertown Daily Times, Artemis, and The Queer South. Next year he will begin his M.F.A studies at The New School in Manhattan.
Chris L. Brockis the features writer and a copy editor at the Watertown Daily Times, where he also has won awards for his writing.  This is his fourth award for short fiction at the North Country Writers contest.  He lives in Watertown with his wife, M. Cecilia, and he has a son, Thomas, attending SUNY Geneseo.
Jeff G. Bakkensen is a writer and alumnus of Georgetown University, where he played rugby. Previous awards include second place in a George Washington look-alike contest. The prize was a cherry pie.