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North Country Writers Festival 2015

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Volume VIII
Fall 2015
For more information regarding the North Country Writers Festival including contest rules, readings, or booklet publications, please contact the English Department at 315-786-2328.

Carlton Fisher
Dr. Stacy Pratt
Dr. Christine Pristash

Carlton Fisher, Co-Chair
Ann Clark-Moore, Co-Chair
Mike Avery
Jessica Jones
Stacy Pratt
Christine Pristash

EDITORS: Carlton Fisher, Ann Clark Moore

LOGO DESIGN: David Bowhall


  1. "Sagamore" - Amy L. Durant (Winner)
  2. "The Mill" - Siraj A. Sindhu (Honorable Mention)

Short Fiction

  1. "Winter’s Last Grip" - Jeffrey L. Henry (Winner)
  2. "Playground" - Philip D. Sweet (Honorable Mention)


  1. "Iroquois Avenue Stickball" - Bob Comenole (Winner)
  2. "Amish Quilt" - Marilyn K. Neulieb (Honorable Mention)

Contributor's Notes

Philip D. Sweet was born in Watertown, but moved to Alabama with his family at the age of ten. He graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL with a degree in Radio/Television Broadcasting in 2006. He then moved back to Watertown in 2006 to marry his wife, Katherine.  He currently lives in Watertown with his wife and children.
Bob Comenole, a Watertown native, has taught rhetoric, literature & communications at Miami University, the State University of New York, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute since1986.  In 2007, he founded the Waterline Writers Academy. Bob is an alumnus of JCC (’81) and the author of six books. Bob’s story “Amendments” was the 2013 winner of the North Country Writers Festival in fiction; the Watertown Daily Times later published 8 chapters of an expanded version of the work. This fall, Bob completed advanced training in medical clinical hypnotherapy and will soon open a practice in Massachusetts and NY.
Jeffrey L. Henry is a sergeant in the United States Army with a wife and a one year old son.  He was stationed at Fort drum in May of 2012 and still reside in Watertown, NY. He is originally from Houston, TX. 
Marilyn K. Neulieb is a member of Poets & Writers, INK of Cape Vincent. She co-authored the book “What Carol Told Me. Living with Multiple Sclerosis and Faith”. Her work has been accepted by Christian Science Monitor, Mother Earth News, Ideals, Alternative Living, Home Power and many more. Living off the grid for three decades surfaced her bent to write.
Amy L. Durant is a copyeditor and digital media editor for the Watertown Daily Times. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Binghamton University and has been previously published in a number of print and online journals. Her book of poetry “Out of True” was published in 2012.
Siraj A. Sindhu is a 2013 graduate of Watertown High School who now studies critical theory, sociology, and english literature at Amherst College in Massachusetts. He loves political philosophy, social criticism, and nature, and is hoping to be a writer or academic after college.