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North Country Writers Festival 2016

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Volume IX
Fall 2016
For more information regarding the North Country Writers Festival including contest rules, readings, or booklet publications, please contact the English Department at 315-786-2328.

Ann Clark-Moore
Dr. Christine Grimes
Dr. CJ Southworth
Brian Topping

Michael Avery
Ann Clark-Moore
Dr. Christine Grimes, Co-Chair
Jessica Jones
Dr. Christine Pristash
Dr. CJ Southworth, Co-Chair

EDITORS:  Ann Clark-Moore, Corey Pentoney

David Bowhall

Sabrina M. Jones 


  1. "I Am From the North Country" - Clarissa V. Rogers (Winner)

  2. "If You Understand Anything" - Michael L. Keck (Honorable Mention)

Short Fiction

  1. "The Foreign Element" - Chris L. Brock (Winner)

  2. "Mary Louise Parker & the Snowmen" - Michael L. Keck (Honorable Mention)


  1. "Driving Forty" - Michael L. Keck (Winner)

  2. "Soaking in a Thunderstorm" - Amy T. Feiereisel (Honorable Mention)

Contributor's Notes

Michael KeckMichael KeckMichael L. Keck
With the exception of college at Geneseo, teaching in Richmond’s inner city for six years, and six months on the Appalachian Trail, Michael Keck has spent his entire life in the North Country.  He currently resides in Black River.  He was a 2013 winner of the North Country Writing Contest in the poetry category for “There Are Not Many.”  He has also published in Journeys, the mountaineering magazine of the Appalachian Trail, and this year had three posts regarding hunting in Sporting Classics Daily.  He is currently training a new backpacking partner, Speedway, a German Shepherd puppy.

Chris BrockChris BrockChris L. Brock 
is the features writer and a copy editor at the Watertown Daily Times, where he has also won awards for his writing.  This is his fifth award for short fiction in the North Country Writers Contest.  Chris was invited to read his 2008 award-winning short story, “Those Carp People” at a library festival this past summer hosted by the Prescott, Ontario Public Library.  He lives in Watertown with his wife, M. Cecelia, and he has a son, Thomas, a senior at SUNY Geneseo.


Clarissa RogersClarissa RogersClarissa Diane V. Rogers, 
a member of Cape Vincent’s Poets & Writers, Ink has a Masters in Transformative Language Arts from Goddard College.  She does administrative consulting for a nonprofit and social justice organization, facilitation, and loves to support other writers through editing and coaching.  She is an anarchist who thinks about ways that writing can heal our world and ourselves.  She believes that writing is a tool for liberating our minds and healing our communities and can take us on a wacky adventure full of joy and fun, even in a world that routinely breaks our hearts.

Amy FeiereiselAmy FeiereiselAmy T. Feiereisel 
was born in Austin, Texas, but has made homes in the North Country, France, Italy, and Taiwan.  Because of this, her work is very firmly rooted in place.  She is a writer of both nonfiction and fiction; for subject material she pulls directly from her own memories, or the memories she imagines for people she comes across.  Amy currently works as a freelance writer and for North Country Public Radio, and is an alumni of St. Lawrence University.