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"Untitled" - Dr. Phyllis L. Kiernan

     She tries to avoid the obvious line or perfect circle, believing there is an alternate credo, a way to observe the yellow hillside no one else can see. Warm sun. The water memento survives in her hand. Listen: touch and resemble the postcard figure at high tide; see her recognize a habit beyond religion, the blue cave no one else will dive into. A close approximation of private whales, backlighting the absence of stars on water. Can you understand how this picture ranges from pristine to ravaged, the privilege of landscape to an ocean withheld? And consequent burst of self-preservation? This wind-broken coast is a facsimile she knows from reading. Daybreak. Daybreak and she is awakened, breaking into blood-salt tears, a whole world of eagles.

“Untitled” was previously published in yefief, 1995, Vol. 2, and was one work in Phyllis’ dissertation, Involuntary Landscape.