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Black is the Night

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Black is the Night

Tori Ward

Black is the night
you call so frantic.
Let’s flip the coin,
heads you’re fine tonight,
tails you’re gone tomorrow.
Black is the color, the only color,
you have yet to extract from my heart.
This has become routine, hasn’t it.
Black is this void
you must learn to fill.
I hated being alone too, brother.
Mais attendez,
I will help you this time.
This lesson you must take.
But as the sky turns to crows
I cannot come to you,
this is my weakness, too.
Yet, black is the metal I can offer
to drown out your days of sorrow.
For sorrow is now the bed you lie in.
Is this the true call tonight,
or is the wolf behind you?
This must pass; if not,
the shadowed corner
you chose to be so closely acquainted with
will devour you.
I will wait for the call
The one that makes my hands ache
every night to see if you are alright
Black is the night
you call so frantic.