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Lost and Found

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Lost and Found

Jessica Pierce

is usually a word
for things we rid ourselves of
without paying much thought
or attention
not caring what we’re saying goodbye to

leftover food scraps
from lunch that we were
too busy to finish,
paper from
a mistaken copy
that we forgot to recycle,
the rough paper towels we dry our hands with
before we run to
the next meeting.

But today,
something is left in the trash can—
thick green jagged-edged leaves
protrude up and out
like fingers
as if it were trying to save itself
from the owner that tossed it
so carelessly into
the dark hole.

People bustle by as usual
but, unlike the typical garbage,
this sad plant is discovered by many.
They question its existence
as if it were a stack of money
left for the taking.

each person has at least one excuse why
they cannot claim it.

a bright smile entered the room
and, like a toddler on Christmas morning,
she gasped at the sight of
the aloe vera plant.

Without hesitation,
she carefully lifted the hook
with her thin fingers
on her petite hand
and gracefully carried it
to her office
placing it under enough sunlight
to save it again.