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Going Through the Trash

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Going Through the Trash

Christie Grimes-Topping

Last week I saw an aloe vera plant thrown into the trash.
Its long strands stretched thick and wide
up from the plastic bag lining the can,
reaching like arms up past the wire hanger.
I wanted to rescue this plant,
too large for its base,
leaves like limbs scarred black
where the gel had been pinched and rubbed dry.
Once a useful office decoration,
now it was too unruly even for the trash can.
I lifted the basket, the hook on my finger,
ready to claim it for myself,
but then I looked at its sheer size,
and I knew it could not sit in my living room
where it would be tumbled by my cats,
could not survive my dark office in December,
nor the frozen sunporch of our house shrouded by clouds,
and as I lowered it back down
I hoped that someone else would take it
and that I would never grow too large to be saved.