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Fajita Fiesta

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Fajita Fiesta

Aleicia DeCosmo

A brightly colored taqueria,
Invites me in with the promise of a fun evening.
Lit up with glowing red peppers
Strung around the door,
Loud with the festivity
Of families gathering
For delicious food and lively mariachi.

I begin my palate’s celebration
With sipping on a margharita,
Pale green in an odd-shaped glass,
Tart with lime and drunk with tequila,
Rimmed with sparkling salt
And protected from UVA rays
By a tiny pink paper umbrella.

I enjoy the sizzling sound of the chicken and steak
Strolling past, leaving a trail of scrumptious scent
As fajitas arrive at their destination,
Still cooking on their cast iron plate,
Making all mouths salivate in their path.
“I’ll have what he’s having,” I say.

My fajitas arrive at the table,
My mouth waters again with the scent.
Now everyone is staring at my fajitas,
Making up their minds as to what they will order.
“I’ll have what she’s having,” they say.

The time has come
To craft the perfect fajita.
I hold my soft, fluffy flour tortilla
And carefully select which perfectly grilled
Pieces of beef and chicken will be my first victims.
I cradle my selections into the open tortilla.

I top it with the tender and spicy
Onions and green bell peppers,
Sautéed by my steak’s side.
Next with fresh, creamy guacamole
And I sprinkle on sharp cheddar cheese
Like confetti topping off a party held for me.