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Sheree Trainham

“It’s about helping students grow at Jefferson, and with that growth, our community grows as well.”

Sheree Trainham isn’t your typical Jefferson Community College alum, she didn’t begin her college education right after high school; she began at age 29.  Sheree and her husband ran an insurance agency after graduating from high school and it wasn’t until years later that she realized how important it was for her to continue her education.  Choosing Jefferson was an easy choice for both Sheree and her husband because it was in their back yard.  As a student, Sheree soon realized her passion for English and mentoring.  “I had so many faculty and staff members at JCC who encouraged me to spread my wings and experiment, people such as Kate Fenlon, Rebecca Small-Kellogg, Julie Stevenson and Joanna Chrzanowski to name a few.  These people were my mentors,” she said.

After graduating from Jefferson, Sheree transferred to St. Lawrence University; and after receiving her bachelor’s degree, she worked for the Community Action Planning Council, tutoring and counseling young people.  Sheree left CAPC after a couple of years and began teaching English at Jefferson as an adjunct instructor. She became the full-time disability specialist with the Learning Skills Center in 2000 and is now the full-time writing tutor here at Jefferson. “I love the dedication and sense of community that the students, faculty and staff all share together at Jefferson,” she said.

While working at Jefferson, Sheree has also been able to continue her education through the Jefferson Higher Education Department Center (JHEC) and recently graduated with her master’s of science degree from SUNY Potsdam.  The ability to work full time while advancing her education through classes offered on JCC’s campus, has been another great Jefferson advantage. Also, Sheree is not the only one in her extended family that has seen the benefits of beginning and continuing education at Jefferson. “Fifteen members of my family have attended JCC; and we all recognize, on both the personal and professional levels, how important education is and how lucky we are to have Jefferson right here in our community,” she said.  Sheree hopes to leave a legacy that continues to promote student success and supports students as they work towards their goals.  “It’s about helping students grow at Jefferson, and with that growth, our community grows as well.”

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