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Aug. 19, 2016:  

Jefferson Community College offices will open to the public at Noon on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, so that faculty & staff may attend Spring Semester Convocation.

JCC Annual Student Awards Ceremony

Jefferson Community College (JCC) honored students, faculty and staff at the College’s Annual Awards Ceremony held on Thursday, April 30, 2015.  Students were honored for overall excellence and faculty members were recognized in specific categories. Awards were presented by the JCC Liberal Arts Division; Mathematics, Science, Technology, Health and Business Division; Enrollment Management and Student Life (EMSL) Division; and the Faculty Association.

JCC’s cosplay club received the Outstanding Club of the Year award.

Those with (#) following their names received more than one award.

Student honorees are: 

Brooke L. LaLone, Outstanding Liberal Arts Student Award
Michele P. Richter, Outstanding Accounting Student A.A.S. Award
Jessica L. Side, Outstanding Early Childhood Student Award
Tamecia M. Cole, Outstanding Early Childhood Student Award

Cape Vincent   
Michael R. Mason, Outstanding Fire Protection Student Award

Lacy J. Hinkle, Outstanding Chemical Dependency Student Award              

Matthew T. Julian, Outstanding Fire Protection Student Award
Mikayla R. Warren, SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence              

Alanna M. Savage, Outstanding Allied Health Student Award              

Evans Mills       
Mariana Bruno Da Silva, David R. Reid Outstanding English Student Award
Rabecca M. Venturelli (#), Outstanding Business Student A.S. Award & All USA Academic Team    Award
Phuc Vo, Outstanding Music Student Award              

Fort Drum         
Tina M. Armstrong, Outstanding Accounting Student, A.S. Award              

Kelli J. Fleming, Outstanding Human Services Student Award
Kathleen E. Coloney, All USA Academic Team Award              

Sarah L. Jones, Outstanding Hospitality and Tourism Student Award              

Christianne C. Gray, Promise Award for Mathematics and Science
Lauren L. Labiendo, Outstanding Physical Education Student Award              

Chelsea M. Koster, Outstanding Engineering Student Award              

Logan S. Running, Outstanding Science Student Award              

Hollis C. Harrington (#), Outstanding Graduating Student in EMSL Award & Faculty Association Outstanding Student Award             

Gavin J. Davidson, Outstanding First Year Student in EMSL Award
Allyson L. Murphy, Outstanding Human Services Student Award              

Matthew R. Bradley, Outstanding Art Student Award
Megan Curran, Outstanding Mathematics Student Award
Noel M. Fitzgerald, Outstanding Zoo Technology Student Award
Martha J. Furgison, Outstanding Office Technologies Student Award
Nicole L. Goodale, Outstanding Paramedic Student Award
Adam M. Horeth, West Publishing Outstanding Paralegal Student Award
Brandon T. Lanthrip, Outstanding Computer Science Student Award
Tracey E. Meyer, Outstanding Business Student, A.A.S. Award
Shannon R. Mullin, Outstanding Criminal Justice Student Award
Stephanie A. Rosenberger, Looseleaf Law Certificate of Recognition
William W. Sampson, Outstanding Chemical Dependency Student Award
Danielle M. Scott, SUNY Chancellor's Award for Academic Excellence
Hansel K. Taylor, Outstanding Computer Information Systems Student Award
Gary H. Young (#), Promise Award for Mathematics and Science & Outstanding Graduating Student in EMSL Award

Wellesley Island            
Courtney R. Lamb, West Publishing Outstanding Paralegal Student Award

Faculty / Staff honorees are:              
Outstanding Club Advisor of the Year -
Lucinda D. Barbour, Watertown, advisor of JCC’s Art Club

Thomas W. Myers Award for Co-curricular Service -
Lawrence Danforth, Corning, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Phi Theta Kappa Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Member Award -
Ronald G. Theobald, Watertown, Assistant Professor of Human Services

Phi Theta Kappa Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Member Award -
Marc M. Davis, Watertown, Adjunct Instructor for Mathematics