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JCC Veterans Services Raise $851 to Benefit Feed Our Vets

(l-r) Jeffrey J. Call, Associate Director of the Watertown Feed Our Vets Pantry; Wesley C. Kari, JCC Veterans assistant; Charles Hartley, JCC Veterans assistant; Gary H. Young, JCC Veterans assistant; David C. Hoistion, Commander of the Sons of the American Legion; and Robert J. Harding, JCC Veterans Services Coordinator. In front: Esmund, the service dog.

On August 8, Jefferson Community College (JCC) Veterans Services co-hosted a car show alongside Sons of the American Legion to benefit the local Feed Our Vets program. The event raised $851, nearly enough money to cover the cost of food for one month according to Feed Our Vets Associate Director Jeffrey J. Call. Additionally, an estimated 125 pounds of canned goods were collected at the show.    

“The donation does two things,” says Call, “it allows us to buy any food that does not get donated and to buy gift cards that we extend to families who live in areas where our pantry is not available.”

Satisfied with the outcome of the car show, turning it into an annual event looks promising. “I was gratified by the outcome of the show,” says Robert J. Harding, JCC Veterans Services Coordinator. “This was the first year we held the car show to help out the Feed Our Vets folks and we hope to raise the bar next year.”

Feed Our Vets is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support Veterans and their family members by providing free food, related goods and services, public education and outreach. Every 3rd Saturday of the month, Feed Our Vets travels from Utica to Watertown with its 20-foot mobile food pantry and joins forces with Sons of the American Legion and JCC’s Veterans Club to serve hot meals to local veterans and their families between 9:00 a.m. to noon. Local veterans will find the mobile food pantry located at 210 Court Street in Watertown. To learn more about Feed Our Vets, visit