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JCC Class of Fall 2015 Graduates

Jefferson Community College will hold its Fall Commencement Ceremony on Friday, December 18, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the Robert R. and Jean S. Sturtz Theater, McVean Student Center. As of December 16, 2015 Jefferson will award 220 degrees to 213 students. Enclosed is a list of students who are December 2015 candidates for graduation.  Those with (#) following their names will be receiving two diplomas and/or certificates (CERT).

Associate Degree Recipients

Miguel A.R. Harvey - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Brian Joseph Herron - A.S. Criminal Justice
Thomas C. Lall - A.A.S. Business Administration
Brad P. Richard - A.A.S. Computer Info Technology
Taylor Macy Russell - A.S. Mathematics and Science
Adams Center                         
Stacy Lynn Cross - A.S. Business Administration
Maya Gossett - A.S. Criminal Justice                                    

Alexandria Bay                       
Troy David Armstrong - A.S. Human Services
Andrea Ann Brozzo - A.S. Individual Studies

Elizabeth Anne Filkins - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
Lacy Dawn Prudhomme - A.A.S. Early Childhood
Heather Lynn Renda - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Corbin D. Roe - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Beaver Falls                         
Elizabeth Alexandria Smith - A.S. Human Services

Black River                          
Sung Hyun Ahn - A.S. Individual Studies
Alyssa Nicole Benson - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Cecilia E. Dyer - A.S. Individual Studies
Thomas Emerson Lewis - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Derek Stevan Carley - A.A.S. Business Administration
Cristy Michelle Sobotka - A.S. Individual Studies
Anthony Ronald Clifford - A.S. Individual Studies
Emily G. Dingwerth - A.S. Mathematics and Science
Kristen Leigh Gordon - A.S. Individual Studies
Tiffany Marie Taylor - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Cape Vincent                         
Joanna Kay Lee - A.S. Business Administration
Andrea Lyn Mattison - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Matthew John Ashcroft - A.A.S. Paralegal
Adam Christopher Bracy (#) - A.S. Criminal Justice & A.S. Engineering Science
Lorne M. Braden - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Victoria E. Cummins - A.S. Human Services
Justin Alexander Davis - A.S. Mathematics and Science
Lacy Jane Hinkle - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
Thomas Allen Leake - A.S. Accounting
Steven J. Schnabel - A.S. Criminal Justice
Tory Bressette Chartrand - A.S. Business Administration
Emily Nicole Munger - A.S. Business Administration
Brandon Michael Steiner - A.S. Individual Studies
Kelly E. Hamlin - A.S. Human Services
Donavan Paul Hartwell - A.A.S. Individual Studies
William John Jepma - A.A. Creative Writing
Joseph David Murtha, II - A.S. Business Administration
Katie Nicole Taylor - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Tierney Layne Yousey - A.S. Human Services
Samantha Leigh Rutter - A.A.S. Early Childhood
Dustin Christopher John - A.A.S. Business Administration
Rachel L. Keohane - A.A.S. Early Childhood
Morgan Leigh LaSage - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Andrew John Van Houten - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Patrick Casey McAnulty (#) - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency & A.S. Human Services                                     

Evans Mills                          
Adam Wesley Clay - A.A.S. Office Technologies
Jonas K.F. Colbert - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Chika Francess Egorho - A.A.S. Nursing
Megan Farthing - A.S. Individual Studies
Desiree J. Hartlaub - A.S. Business Administration
Sandra Jean Laclair - A.S. Individual Studies
Meaghan Noelle Maynard - A.A.S. Early Childhood
Justin Lee Power - A.S. Individual Studies
Francisco Xavier Soto - A.S. Individual Studies
Colette Christina Cross - A.A.S. Office Technologies
Fort Drum                            
Geradine Cadet-Smith - A.A. Individual Studies
Pamela Renee Cofer - A.A.S. Business Administration
Marcus B. Colbert - A.S. Individual Studies
Frank Christopher Downing - A.S. Individual Studies
Tracie Lynn Graves - A.S. Mathematics and Science
Jessica Lynn Hawk - A.S. Mathematics and Science
Ana Patricia Kalyuzhny - A.S. Individual Studies
Francheska Renee Leija-Rivera - A.A. Childhood Education
Kaylee A. Lewis - A.A.S. Office Technologies
Brianna Lyn Marshall - A.S. Individual Studies
Katherine Crystal Martinez - A.S. Criminal Justice
Kimberly Ann Pantleo - A.S. Business Administration
Kofi Otuo Serebour - A.S. Individual Studies
Jennifer Marie Thompson - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
Rasheel A. Thorpe - A.S. Individual Studies
Frank Willis Watford, III - A.S. Individual Studies

Glen Park                            
Kendall R. Kolb - A.S. Criminal Justice                                     

Lauren Alana Ayala - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Shawn L. Emond - A.S. Business Administration
Tyler Alexander Studer - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Great Bend                           
Michelle Alice Flanagan - A.A.S. Paralegal
Shelby Jane Mendelzon - A.A.S. Business Administration
Jason Edd Sprabary - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Jane Elizabeth Arnold - A.A.S. Business Administration
Amanda Jones - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Lisa M. MacVean - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
Ashley Marie McNitt - A.S. Mathematics and Science
Clinton G. Kampnich - A.S. Mathematics and Science
Christopher Michael Tehoke - A.S. Business Administration
Megan Aubrey Hanson - A.A.S. Business Administration
Andrea Paige Faris - A.A.S. Paralegal
Robert R. Perkins - A.S. Business Administration
Natural Bridge                       
Sarah G. Buskey - A.S. Business Administration
Amber Dee Gorham - A.A.S. Nursing
Bruce Alan Steele, II - A.S. Mathematics and Science
Cheyenne Moriah Weaver (#) - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency &  A.S. Human Services

New York                             
Edward Corniel - A.S. Individual Studies
Kenneth Lloyd Batton, Jr. - A.S. Criminal Justice
Jena Lorraine Brancatella - A.S. Business Administration
Maggie Ivelisse French - A.S. Human Services
Davina Ann Harris - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism

Brooke Ellen Friot - A.A.S. Business Administration
Olivia Levi Hall - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
Sabrina Lee Robinson - A.A.S. Office Technologies
Jeanette Marie Sova - A.S. Engineering Science
Raymond Francis Dickhaut - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Stephanie Sanga Hayne Lopez - A.A.S. Nursing
Elizabeth Margarett Cranker - A.A.S. Nursing
Kimberly J. Shaw - A.S. Human Services
Jenna J. Ritz - A.A.S. Business Administration
Sackets Harbor                       
Gretchen Elizabeth Wilson - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Sandy Creek                          
Maria Kay Rice - A.S. Individual Studies
Nicole Emily Scheppard - A.A. Creative Writing
Brandon Shane Willms - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Michelle Ann Bourgal -  A.S. Business Administration
Bret Jacob Hanson - A.A.S. Fire Protection Technology
Alexandra Ann Tillman (#) - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences & A.S. Human Services
Brandon S. Twiss - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Three Mile Bay                       
Jeffrey Michael Malmgren - A.S. Individual Studies
Samantha Marie Zellweger - A.S. Human Services
Cedric Leon Baggett - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Kendra Marie Benware - A.S. Business Administration
Catherine Anne Brazzale - A.A.S. Early Childhood
Heather Marie Brydges - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Michael Christopher Caulkins - A.S. Criminal Justice
Lucas Clark - A.S. Individual Studies
Riley Matthew Clark - A.S. Criminal Justice
Megan Lee Couturier - A.S. Criminal Justice
Elizabeth Boulter Davis - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Alexander Peter Delosh - A.A. Humanities & Social Sciences
B. Christina Doroha - A.A.S. Paralegal
Lori Lee Dusharm - A.A. Literature
Kathryn D. Elliott - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Megan Nicole Emch - A.S. Mathematics and Science
Harley English - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Lakeisha Monique Everitt - A.S. Individual Studies
Joseph R. Fay - A.S. Criminal Justice
Erie D. Fields - A.S. Criminal Justice
John Alexander Friedman - A.S. Business Administration
Amy Nicole Frost - A.S. Accounting
Elizabeth D. Gantt - A.A.S. Business Administration
Erica Hall Gardner - A.A.S. Office Technologies
Nathan Eric Gardner - A.S. Criminal Justice
Nicholas Andrew Gardner - A.S. Criminal Justice
Alicia Mary Gayken - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Melody Quincinas Gilbert - A.S. Individual Studies
Matthew Michael Grant - A.S. Criminal Justice
Shyleigh M. Gushlaw - A.A.S. Nursing
Anapogi Sophie Halstead - A.S. Criminal Justice
Megan Yvonne Hamilton - A.S. Individual Studies
Sarah Michele Hatch - A.A.S. Business Administration
Zachary Thomas Hickok - A.A.S. Computer Information  Technology
Penny Ann Holder - A.A.S. Office Technologies
Nicholas Robert Hughes - A.S. Criminal Justice
Nikki Lynn Hutchison - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Amanda Marie Keller (#) - A.A.S. Chemical Dependency & A.S.  Human Services
Nicholas D. Kogut - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Marianne Lentine - A.S. Individual Studies
Mona Duhaylungsod Lentine - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Sadie Lou Levensailor - A.S. Human Services
Jenifer Doreen Lewis - A.A.S. Nursing
Meghan L'Huillier - A.S. Criminal Justice
Adela Remedios Loaiza - A.S. Individual Studies
Christopher Alan Love - A.S. Individual Studies
Sierra Rae Maitland - A.S. Individual Studies
Samuel C. Maphey - A.S. Computer Science
Angel Lynn McCabe - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Gabrielle Raelynn McClain - A.A.S. Nursing
Kenneth Roy McConnell - A.A. Individual Studies
Patrick Michael McCormack - A.S. Individual Studies
Ashley Renee Montroy - A.S. Individual Studies
Danielle Rae Morrow - A.A.S. Paralegal
Erin Elizabeth Niedermaier - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Lisa M. Oates - A.A.S. Office Technologies
Mark Anthony Patrick - A.S. Business Administration
Arnaud Touwosan Pooda - A.A. Humanities & Social Sciences
Anthony G. Porcaro - A.S. Individual Studies
Cole Stephen Pyland - A.A.S. Zoo Technology
Aryane Jordan Rambone - A.A.S. Paralegal
Jennalea Jean Ryan - A.A.S. Early Childhood
Kouma Selom Semenya - A.S. Individual Studies
James Michael Shockley - A.S. Business Administration
Lucy Ann Smoot - A.S. Individual Studies
Ruth Annette Strickland - A.S. Business Administration
Dahlia Eden Temple (#) - A.A.S. Computer Info Technology & A.S. Computer Science
Brittney Marie Thesier - A.S. Business Administration
Alivia Mae Vaughns - A.S. Criminal Justice
Graham Anthony Whalen - A.A.S. Individual Studies
Stephen Thomas Woodfin - A.S. Business Administration
Sheila L. Young - A.S. Business Administration
Kristyn M. Zaremba - A.S. Mathematics and Science
Wellesley Island                     
Courtney R. Lamb - A.A.S. Paralegal                                     

Kelly Nathaly Rodriguez - A.S. Human Services

Associate Degree & Certificate (CERT) Recipient

Alexis Mercedes Currier - A.A. Childhood Education & CERT Teaching Assistant

Certificate Recipients

Beaver Falls                         
Jamie Lee Pate - Teaching Assistant

Black River
Ryan Frederick George - Criminal Justice

Jarron Paige Foster - Teaching Assistant

Brandon James DeLong - Criminal Justice

Cala Jo Morgia - Office Studies

BillieJo E. Thompson - Hospitality and Tourism

Evans Mills
Shawn Michael Bush - Winery Management and Marketing

Kassandra Lee French - Office Studies

Korinne Michele Bogemann - Teaching Assistant


Washington, Louisiana
Doneilia Leonese Bush - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism

Joplin, Missouri
Stephanie Nicole Dickie - A.S. Criminal Justice

Raeford, North Carolina
Edward William Hollenshade - A.S. Criminal Justice

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Karen Christine Tracy - A.A.S. Animal Management

Beeville, Texas
Albert Roy Martinez - CERT Criminal Justice

Buda, Texas
Charlene M. Nimox - A.S. Criminal Justice

Cibolo, Texas
Deontae LaVaughn Bonner - A.S. Mathematics and Science

Norfolk, Virginia
Tyree Jamal Small - A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences

Walla Walla, West Virginia
Tyler Phoenix Follis - A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism


Whitby, Ontario Canada
Justin Gaudet - A.S. Criminal Justice