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Lucinda Barbour

That’s Why They Call it Artwork

Lucinda Barbour, Associate Professor of Art, has been cultivating an art presence at Jefferson for the past 20 years. During the last two decades, countless students have entered Lucinda’s class with little to no art experience and by the end of the semester they leave with a strong understanding of the fundamentals. Each semester, Lucinda watches her students develop a sense of confidence that extends far beyond their drawing skills and into their daily lives.

She holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in drawing and painting from Columbus College of Art and Design, completing her junior year of study at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Lucinda went on to further her education at the University of Arizona Flagstaff.  While her traditional schooling came to a close as she graduated with her master’s degree, her education did not stop there. She continues to take workshops to learn new techniques and share with her students.

“I always try to be empathetic to the way it feels to be a true beginner,” says Lucinda in reference to the wide range of experience her students have upon entering her basic drawing class. When you have students with four years of high school art experience in the same class as students with none, there is bound to be a learning curve. Lucinda tackles the mixed levels of experience by focusing on the fundamentals. Stressing the importance of the process of learning, Lucinda believes with a strong foundation and commitment to the work, you can go anywhere. “That’s what I try to do here,” she said, “welcome them (students) into the process. Our society is very product oriented. In art, you have to go through the process to get to the product.”

For Lucinda the process is never ending and ever changing as she strives to remain current in her field. In 2014, Lucinda was awarded a $10,000 Educators Scholarship to go to Savannah College of Art and Design’s MFA summer program.  The grueling 5-week program, with a focus on painting and drawing, required the production of over 50 pieces! During her time in Savannah, Lucinda was not only learning for herself, but also for her students. The opportunity for her to study at one of the finest art institutes in the country was a great personal achievement and elevated her professionally. The program served as a chance to learn about new technology and techniques as well as, and new trends in the fine art world right now.

Lucinda is preparing her students for the big picture, not just for careers in the arts. While many of her former students have gone on to obtain careers in the art field and as art educators, many leverage the skills learned in her class into fields far from the arts. She believes that a large part of her job is to help students expand their skill set through building their perceptional skills, improving objectivity and encouraging creative problem solving. She encourages her students to never stop honing their skills. This extends beyond drawing and painting and into cultivating a skill set that allows a person to apply creative, innovative problem solving to their work in any career.