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Star Party to be held at JCC on June 10

Come see the moon and its craters through a high quality telescope during a Star Party to be held at Jefferson Community College (JCC) on Friday, June 10 at 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The Star Party will take place behind East Hall, the College’s residence halls. Signs will be posted on campus directing visitors to park in Lot F.  There is no cost to attend and guests are encouraged to bring their own telescopes and binoculars.

The Star Party will be led by John Aviste, founder of Edge on Science. Once the sun has set, star gazers will turn their attention to the planet Jupiter and then after dark, attention to Mars. According to Mr. Aviste, “the reason Mars is so prominent right now is because on May 30 the earth overtook Mars in its orbit around the sun. When this happens, the planets line up on the same side of our nearest star, making this the best time to see the red planet.” Mars looms large in the southeast like a bright reddish dot, however, through a telescope its surface features are visible.     

The Star Party at JCC is geared towards all ages, young children and adults alike. For more information, call the JCC Continuing Education Division at 315-786-2233.

The Star Party is sponsored by the Jefferson Community College Continuing Education Division and EDGE on Science.