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New Enrollment Services Location is Underway

The vision of a single location for all student enrollment services started several years ago at Jefferson Community College. Having one space for applicants and students to get their questions answered about Jefferson admissions, financial aid, new student advising, student records and more is becoming a reality – the goal is to provide detailed information and answers efficiently. Enrollment Services Directors visited several other college campuses to assess how to build a Jefferson model. After more than two years of planning, the new student-centered location is taking shape.

The ground level of the Jules Center is going through a major renovation to make this new Enrollment Services location possible. All admissions, financial aid, student records, billing, and new student advising offices are now temporarily located on the second level in the Jules Center. All offices were previously located on the ground level. Prospective and current students, as well as applicants, are encouraged to seek assistance in the temporary location, Jules Center, room 6-217.

In late spring 2017, the new Enrollment Services location in the Jules Center will open on the ground level and take the physical and service presence it is intended to have. Specialists will greet visitors and be able to answer the majority of all enrollment-related questions. Expert staff within Enrollment Services will be available for additional support as needed.

“Jefferson is dedicated to assisting visitors, applicants, and current students by making the process of attending College more student friendly and efficient. Having a central location and quickly getting answers and support is very reassuring. The College has put much thought and effort into this new model, and I know the results will be outstanding!” says Rosanne N. Weir, dean of enrollment services.