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JCC holds Inaugural Nursing White Coat Ceremony

On September 21, 2017, Jefferson Community College (JCC) held an inaugural White Coat Ceremony (WCC) for freshman nursing students, Class of 2019. The WCC, indicative of entry into the healthcare profession, delivers a sense of honor and prestige to students. During the ceremony, students are cloaked with their first white coats, the traditional dress of nursing professionals. Participation affirms the commitment to a profession rich in a history of caring and compassion using the knowledge and skills necessary to care for all in need.

“The Nursing Program at Jefferson Community College was honored to welcome the Class of 2019 to the nursing profession with the presentation of their white coats,” says Dr. Marie A. Hess, Intern Nursing Department Chair. “As a profession of caring and compassion, the white coat symbolizes the commitment to our patients and families.”

The College will hold a WCC in September (fall) for freshman enrolled in the traditional weekday nursing program and one in February (spring) for freshman enrolled in the weekend scholars option of the nursing program. 

Jefferson’s nursing degree program is ranked #1 in New York State by

White Coat Ceremony 2017White Coat Ceremony 2017

Bottom Row (l-r): Megan H. Farda of Fort Drum, Taelea Brooks of Fort Drum, Alysia R. Gose-Dawkins of Watertown, Liana J. Monnat of Lowville, Samantha M. Flory of Sandy Creek, Haley N. Rucker of Carthage, Cassandra L. Byrn of Evans Mills, Katarina J. Jackman of Fort Drum, Tabitha K. Morua of Watertown, Susan E. Baker of Fort Drum, Emma F. Roberts of Copenhagen, Nataley L. Richardson of Carthage, Frances N. Daly of Antwerp;

Middle Row (l-r): Julia A. Pomeroy of Watertown, Heidi M. Stewart of Evans Mills, Emily J. Kellogg of Adams, Ryley L. Rust of Dexter, Morgan M. O’Hearn of Brownville, Emily S. Koster of Carthage, Kathy D. Lambright of Philadelphia, Maegan A. Castle of Belleville, Nanette M. Thibado of Watertown, Nicole C. Hurtado of Fort Drum, Tavari A. Gray of Watertown, Sierra M. Wojcik of Clayton;

Top Row (l-r): Tabata S. Mandujano-Garcia of Fort Drum, Jose M. Vega, Jr. of Calcium, Elaine O. Ambrose of Mannsville, Aslin N. Torres of Watertown, Jeannine D. Gardner of Watertown, Mariah L. Gilligan of Fort Drum, Logan E. Horner of Watertown, Charlotte J. Costantino of Clayton, Susanna Rankins of Evans Mills, Anna B. Docteur of Watertown, Rebeka E. Flansburg of Watertown, Taylor R. Piercey of Ogdensburg, Natalie M. Puccia of Watertown, Jennifer L. Van Horn of Carthage, Casey L. Hughes of Watertown, Jeffrey M. Miller of Sackets Harbor, Maria C. Ingram of Fort Drum, Cailey G. Roberts of Gouverneur, Ashlynn P. Kelley of Carthage, Mauri L. Kelley of Watertown, Vanessa E. Hermanson of Fort Drum, Crystal L. Nichols of Watertown.