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Textbooks on Reserve Program Available through the Library

A collaborative effort between Jefferson Community College (JCC) faculty, staff, students, and the JCC Foundation is fueling a Textbooks on Reserve Program to provide free access to textbooks and reading materials necessary to complete a large number of JCC courses.   

Currently, over 100 titles are available through the Textbooks on Reserve program, covering more than one-third of all courses offered at Jefferson. Anyone attending Jefferson - first-time, transfer, adult, veteran or military student - is welcome to borrow from the textbooks on reserve collection. Books are available on loan in two-hour increments in the JCC library. Initially designed as a means of lowering the financial cost associated with attending college for all members of the student population, since the pilot program began in January 2018, reserve textbooks have circulated 332 times.

 “I am extremely pleased at how this program has just taken off,” says Constance A. Holberg, library director. “Students struggle with the affordability of college and this is yet another program Jefferson is offering to help ease that burden - which in turns helps students complete their classes and discover all the resources the library has to offer.” 

Textbooks on Reserve has been made possible by book donations from Jefferson faculty and students and with the support of the JCC Bookstore, operated by Follett. In addition, the JCC Foundation and Faculty Student Association (FSA) have made grants to the program to purchase additional titles.

In line with the College’s vision and core values, Textbooks on Reserve is another step the campus community has taken in order to bring the highest-quality education to the largest number of individuals at the lowest possible cost. JCC shows its dedication to education and personal enrichment by operating Textbooks on Reserve in tandem with the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement. OER puts the tools and resources necessary to produce, publish, and distribute college texts directly in the hands of those who teach and develop curriculum. Since early 2017, OER has been pivotal in enriching the academic experience had by both teachers and students alike.

For more information about Textbooks on Reserve, call the library at JCC, (315) 786-2225, or email

Fall classes begin August 27, 2018. Applying to JCC is free. To register for classes, or to speak with Enrollment Services, call (315) 786-2437 or email