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Last Trip

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Last Trip

Craig Thornton

The View here is of the last trip,
Together, an attempt at something
Still we haven’t a clue as to what,
So the falls and leaves can be
The perfection we are not.

A five-dollar mocha in the overpriced
Over-quaint cottage and we drive again,
Going in the car is good for us—here 
We work, with maps, and i-Tunes and
A Cozy comfort without the—fear

Letchworth can be the place of dreams
Of hope for you and me, and what us
Used to mean—shinier, cleaner, newer
Like in 93 and 94, those were the
Good years, when troubles were fewer

Still my friend I hold onto you, and
Think we are not lost, we are never lost,
We are together in the car, with our battle
Scars, hoping, and thinking this isn’t so bad,
It could—we could—work, even if the car rattles.